Un-Boring Shirts!


Do you think that men’s shirts are just for formal occasions? Think again!

There are tons of different types of shirts. And majority of them are for casual wear. There are denim shirts for men, men’s floral printed shirts, Hawaiian printed shirts for men and so on. Confused with all the variety? No worries, we’re here to help you distinguish different kinds of casual wear shirts to wear on different kinds of occasions.

1. Denim Shirts


These shirts have been on and off from the fashion world. Wearing them can be risky but if you know exactly which one to pick, they’ll make you look great. The key is to choose a material, which is not too thick, because who wants to feel like you’re wearing jeans on your whole body? When you know the material, choose the right shade. Want variety? Log on to Zobello.com. These men denim shirts look best with black jeans, or with chinos. They’re not formal and yet not too casual. You can wear this outfit for casual gatherings, birthday parties (not dress codes ones though) and even on a normal day.

2. The Floral prints

The Floral prints

Floral printed shirts give a relaxing feeling. They look more casual than denim shirts. A person who is wearing a floral shirt can come off as easy going and fun loving, and who wouldn’t want that?! And there are so many designs to choose from. The more, the better! You can pull them off with jeans, pants or even shorts. Wear them on a lazy Sunday or a beach party, they will fit perfectly.

3. Checked Shirts


Yes, checked shirts for men are still in folks. They make up for great casual outfits. Wear them with denim jeans or skinny pants or shorts, they won’t disappoint you! The design is eye catching and will give you a sizzling summery vibe. There are several different designs within checks as well. The large dull checks, the busy bright checks and so on.

4. The Aloha Shirt

The Aloha Shirt

The Aloha shirt which is also known as The Hawaiian shirt comes all the way from where it was originated, Hawaii. They are the type you pack instantly when you’re planning a beach holiday or going on some beech parties. They’re usually printed, collared and short sleeved. They look great if paired with the right shorts. There are different types of aloha shirts, which look the same to most people. You have your full button down, pullovers, panel, border, scenic and so on. Here at Zobello.com, you can find all kinds of aloha shirts.

Want to make your wardrobe trendy and casual at the same time? What are you waiting for? Log on to Zobello.com!


This Father’s Day: Do Something Different Yet Special

They say that a father is a son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love. Well, how true is that, right? Father’s Day is the perfect time to pamper your hero. Be different and do something special this Father’s Day for this special man in your life. Of course, we are here to help you. Make sure that you have a planned day just for him. We have couple of ideas that you might

You can start-off the day by giving him a card, a handmade one is even better. Or, go to the nearest gift store, and pick up a nice card to let him know he’s been a loving father to you.



You can probably watch a couple of youtube videos and make breakfast for him if you think that’s a wonderful idea to bring a smile on daddy’s face.



spaformenSpas! Think it’s out of the box? Well, why not? Look out for spas in your vicinity, and book an appointment for him to relax, and take some time off.


drivingcarYou have multiple options to take him out; for a hike, a long drive, fishing, jogging, etc. We are sure you’ll figure out which one he likes the most(in case you’re confused).


fromzobelloGifts are always a mandatory! Yes, we like old school, and so will daddy! Log on to www.zobello.com, and add the products of your choice to the cart. It’s just a click away! We recommend you to click on the new arrivals to check out our latest trends for you and the father.

Dinner at 7 Star Hotel

dinnerat7stathotelHave you ever felt that he has not done this before, or, has there ever been an incident that has made you feel that way? Give it a thought. It can be as simple as his first dinner in a 7 Star Hotel or his first ride in a Mercedes. You know you can make it happen, right? Its simple to book a luxury cab, or even rent a luxury car in today’s world!

You have read through all the above points. Select the ones/one that’s best for your father on Father’s Day, and we’re sure you’ll rock his day!

Its very hard for us to pay attention to little details in this busy world where the technology has almost taken over, but, let’s not forget; family is everything. Your father is the soul reason you have had all the things in life. So, it’s your turn to be thankful to your daddy dearest.

Special Gifts on Father’s Day

‘My daddy strongest!’ I’m sure each one of us has said this at least once!

Let’s think for a moment about the things that our fathers have provided us; unconditional love, education and so many other things over the years, and they still continue to do so. Isn’t it great that they have provided so many things for us over the years, and they have done it without complaining?

It’s time to get up and go give your daddy dearest a big hug for everything that he has done for you! Don’t hesitate now even if you’ve had a small fight recently! I’m sure he’ll hug you and forget that little argument. But, come on, just a hug? It’s time to pamper him with gifts because Father’s Day is just around the corner.

Have you always wondered what to gift your father; a person who has always given everything he can for you. Worry not, we are here to help!

Some of the gift ideas to bring a big smile on daddy’s face on Father’s Day are mentioned below.

DIY Tie:


This is a fun gift idea to make your daddy feel special on Fathers day.

When you make something by yourself, there’s always that special touch of love that goes into making it. You can also frame it and hang it on the wall to keep it forever too.

A Healthcare Product

Gifting a product that can be used often or on a daily basis is always a good idea. You can buy something that your father requires on a daily basis like an electric razor, perfume, a skin care product, etc.

For the Watch Lover

watchfordadIf your father is one of those who is a watch fanatic, it’s definitely the best Father’s Day gift you could buy for him! He’ll be more than happy to receive a gift that will win his heart. So, go for it!

Something quirky

wristbandLet’s think of a Fit bit or a novel. Yes, we are talking about something that will help him keep fit, and something that will keep his boredom away for him to relax. Probably a new novel that he might love to read, or a book that’s based on something that he might like. A Fit bit or any wristband to keep him going for those morning jogs!


boxofchoclateYou have other options too, in case you didn’t like the ones mentioned above. A gift voucher is always a good idea, no matter what they say! Gift voucher at a book store, or any retail outlet of daddy’s favourite choice can never go wrong.

And then, there are spa vouchers. He can always take sometime off to relax from the usual busy schedule.

A box of chocolates or sweets from his favourite shop will always bring a smile on his face. Or, even a magazine that talks about men’s health, gadgets, automobiles or sports.

You have plenty of options. We have listed the best ones, but there are more. What are you waiting for? It’s time to pick up a nice gift for your loving father to make him feel special on Father’s Day.

Do let us know what you did for him. We’d love to hear from you. Happy Father’s Day Shopping!

The Best Father’s Day Gifts On Zobello

fathers day girtsformen

Father is a child’s first ideal. A child always looks up to his father for everything. A father is a person who walks on a road of thorns to set up a path of flowers for his child. As father’s day is around the corner we look at some of the best gifts for father that will be very useful in his daily lives.



Let’s admit it, Men love shoes. They love experimenting with their feet with different brands and different styles. You can judge a man by his shoes isn’t an outdated statement. The way you walk plays a determinant factor in your body language and a good pair shoes can make your style stand out. Loafers, Sneakers, Espadrilles are some of the most loved fashion shoes for men. So gift your father a pair of shoes to redefine his style statement.



Fathers travel a lot. Day and night all they are doing is working and travelling. What better gift than a bag makes travelling easy. Laptop bag, duffel bag or a messanger bag will be the perfect gift for father  to help him commute in a more efficient manner.



Is your father a sports freak? Is he a regular jogger?  Seize the day my friend,19thJune is coming. Gift him sportswear that makes his fitness activities easier and long lasting. A light weight jacket for winters, tanks for gym session, shorts for men’s soccer game or may be polo for a Sunday cricket game, good quality sportswear is a treat for a sports lover.



Swimming is an all body exercise and is believed to be the best sport to maintain a fit physique. There are many people around the world who hate doing those fitness exercises but have an uncanny love for swimming. Is your father one too? Is he hitting the obese zone? Gift him a swimwear  and  make swimming a delight for him.



The first thing that a man is judged upon in a first impression is the way he dresses a shirt. As we enter the professional world, shirts become a part of our skins and we purchase them in a hefty amount. Gift your father a few shirts that makes him look impeccable both professionally and personally.



Accessories add a touch of glamour to our look. Bracelets, scarves, caps etc are used to enhance our stylish look. For a father who shares a love for fashion, some accessories that make him “The Handsome Dad” will do no harm. Accessories for men are available online these days with a large variety for every different style and a different taste.

6 Looks for Men to Wear in Office

Try out these chic yet comfy office wear styles for a stylish look.

Well, women have a lot of variety and choices in terms of clothes and accessories when we talk about office wear. But most men have to suffice with the boring formal shirt and trouser look. Well, now no more! All you lads out there! We bring to you some amazing styling tips to make you look dapper in your office too. Take a look!


Polo t-shirt with blazer: Be it a formal or casual occasion, a collar neck polo T-shirt is good to go. All the more, a stylish blazer accentuates the look of the tee, making it look formal and yet comfy.  Opt for bold colour blazers like pink, green and turquoise.


Round neck T-shirt with scarf and blazer: If collar neck tee is not your style and you still want to do away with stuffy formal shirts, we have a perfect solution for you. Opt for a round neck breezy T-shirt, which is absolutely soft on your skin. You can either choose a plan or printed ones as per your taste. Just complement it with a bold colour blazer to make it look a bit formal. Since you cannot wear tie with a T-shirt, try draping a scarf along the inner lines of your blazer’s collar. This will instantly make you look dapper.


Jeans with tucked-in shirt: Well, who says you cannot wear a formal shirt with a jeans. It looks equally cool. Haven’t you seen several college professors flaunting this look with élan? However, Make sure that the jeans is not baggy and ill-fitted, the way you used to wear during your college days. That’s a complete no no. Choose a shirt with check patters. It looks really cool with a classic blue pair of jeans.

cardiganswithCardigan over shirt with corduroy pants: Once winters set it, you can don a stripped or may be a single shade cardigan over your shirt. Team them with a pair of corduroy pants. Just think beyond your pullovers and try this look to become a stylish you.


A clutch bag without strap with a classy suit: Accessories play a very important role in making you look trendy and stylish. You can opt for a strapless leather clutch bag to keep your papers and files. It goes really well with a suit and is perfect for board meetings.

semiformalshoesOpt for semi-formal shoes: Loafers, slip-on and moccasins look great on both formal and casual wear. Moreover, they come in myriad colours to suit your style. They are not only comfortable but stylish as well.

How to Match Socks With Trousers?

How to Match Socks With Trousers?

For guys, fashion and putting together looks for the office, a dinner party or even a casual brunch and munch with family can present major conundrums. Getting dressed in the morning can be quite the task. Socks for men are one category that requires attention. And, with the variety available online, it’s no wonder you have difficulties in choosing which socks to wear. Zobello is that knight in shining armor and offers different styles for the quintessential male. If you want to get rid of sores and blisters which are common for sporty dudes, then shop from a range of cotton socks on the Zobello fashion store. Made from comfortable fabrics and features bold colors, you’re definitely missing out a trendy fashion statement if you’re not buying socks online!

longshowsocksChoose socks that are a shade darker than the trousers, like gray trousers are contrasted well against brown printed jacquard socks. This styles works for your formal work-wear wardrobe as it looks posh and elegant with brogues in dark brown and oxblood red for some added sass.

Find men’s socks online in stripe details and standard colors like black, green, maroon, gray and blue. Crafted from soft and superior quality fabrics like wool and cashmere, these styles are guaranteed to ensure comfort all day long. While picking out your dress pants for work, achieve balance by choosing similar heavily textured fabrics like denim, leather, tweed, and corduroy! Dark colored socks look good with light washed denims and beige chino pants for a smart look.

no show socksOn Zobello, you can also look for a range of no show socks for men that can be paired with loafers and sneakers for workout sessions or stress-buster basketball game with the guys. These socks are available in variety of bright colors that include blue, gray, white and black. The ankle style is quite trendy and looks best with denim print espadrilles and loafers. Channel a laid-back summer look by dressing your shorts and polo shirt ensemble with statement-making color block and jacquard pattern men’s socks!

woolensocksFor the hot summer months, investing in a pack of standard color solid cotton socks is essential. Lightweight and soft, the cotton fabric does not cause any irritation on your skin and keeps your feet odor-free so you can take on the rest of day with style and absolute ease!

 With these simple rules in mind, you are well equipped to pick out your outfit. After all, there are more important things to worry about – that business presentation with the boss, or that unnecessary meeting with your girlfriend’s parents..So, while choosing socks for office, pick out solid patterns and standard colors that strike the perfect balance between sartorial elegance and casual style.

How To Ensure Proper Fit Of Clothes


Most of us associate loose clothing with comfort. While this can work when you’re lounging at home, it can make you look equally sloppy when you go out. The fit of your clothing is more important than how it looks. An ill-fitting garment will totally fall flat no matter how good and stylish it is, going on to prove that how your clothes fit you plays a bigger role than how they look on you.

Given that there are so many different kinds of garments for men, it can be confusing to remember the different fits. The following guide should help you get an idea.



When buying shirts for men or getting them tailored, always check the following things go ensure a proper fit:

The collar should be comfortable and not constrict your neck. The best way to check this is by turning your head. The collar shouldn’t turn along with your head.

The shoulder seam should be at the shoulder bone.

The sleeve shouldn’t be either loose or tight. When bending your arm, the cuff shouldn’t ride up more than an inch. The cuffs should end where your palms begin, and should be no higher or tighter than a watch.



A jacket should fit you snugly without bunching or stretching. When buying men’s jackets online, make sure that the collar shows at least 2 centimetres of your shirt collar to show.

The shoulder seam should sit on the edge of the shoulder and there shouldn’t be any bend between the sleeves and the shoulder. The sleeves shouldn’t be too tight, should allow free movement, and just extend a little farther your wrist.

When measuring the jacket length, always make sure the second button from the bottom rests above your belly button.



Different pants have different fits. What kind of pant you’re wearing will determine how you wear it.

Men’s chino pants should not drape or bunch near the ankles. They should not have pleats. As a rule, there should only be one break at the pant legs, but if you’re wearing socks there should be no breaks.

Dress pants are more relaxed than chinos, so there should be a small break in the pant leg. Men’s trousers online should drape more than chinos but there should be no pleats.



Since they are men’s casual pants, the numbers of breaks they have depend on the style of denims. They are generally fitted till the thighs and taper towards the ankles, but there are also other styles that you can consider, like slim and skinny fits.

When buying clothes from men’s online shopping store, it is important to keep the fit and your body shape in mind.

If you’re heavy, your clothes should fit you perfectly as baggy clothes will look unflattering. Pants should have no pleats or breaks.

If you’re short, you should wear vertical lines and avoid wearing patterns. Your pants should have a tapered fit, and shirts should be tucked in.

If you’re tall, wear horizontal lines and always pick slim fit clothing to avoid looking baggy.

When your clothes fit right, even an ordinary garment looks good. Before determining how stylish or trendy the piece of clothing is, it is important to determine how they fit. Use the above tips to make sure you have the right fitting clothes always.

Four Ways To Style Shorts Differently

Four Ways To Style Shorts Differently

Wearing the same outfit regularly can become boring and monotonous. A good example would be men’s shorts. You wear it so often that it loses its charm. You keep buying new pairs simply to refresh your wardrobe but it soon becomes again. Did you know you could give your existing pairs of shorts a lease of new life by pairing them differently? Give your shorts and tee look a makeover with these style tips.

Shorts With T-Shirt And Sleeveless Jacket


Men’s denim shorts online can look unkempt if not styled correctly. They also have to be of the perfect length to avoid looking like straight out of a 90’s magazine cover. When choosing a denim short, choose one that’s slim (not skinny), and ends a couple of inches above the knee. To make your ordinary pair of denim shorts look really stylish, pair it with a slim fit full sleeved T-shirt and throw a denim jacket over it. This is a great look to rock denim on denim. Make sure to not wear flip-flops or sandals with denim shorts. Always settle for a low top canvas shoe for the ideal look.

Chino Shorts With Striped Tee And Blazer

Chino Shorts With Striped Tee And Blazer

Though an unusual style for dressing up your shorts, by wearing a blazer with a pair of chino shorts for men you can make heads turn. The shorts should be slim fit, not skinny, and should end a few inches above your knee. Playing safe is okay, but if you’re feeling bold, don’t shy away from other subtle colours like sand, cobalt blue or even pink. You could also pick shorts with small motifs or patterns to enhance your look. Pairing it with a striped tee and a blazer will seal the look.

Printed Shorts With T-Shirt/Vest


Printed shorts can be risky business if you don’t pick the right ones. To avoid looking loud and garish, pick shorts with small motifs or prints. And as is the rule with anything printed, everything else you wear with it should be understated. Men’s printed shorts come in a variety of different motifs- floral prints, polka dots, stripes, geometric patterns, and microprints. It’s always wise to choose something subtle and that goes with your personality.

Since printed shorts don’t require dressing up, go for a simple vest or T-shirt, and a pair of loafers.

Shorts With Tee And Bomber Jacket


In the era of athleisure and sports luxe, it’s hard to not pair a sweat shorts with a simple t-shirt and a bomber jacket. While even a few years ago the idea of wearing sweat shorts outside the gym was unthinkable, times have changed and being seen wearing a pair of sweat shorts with a cool bomber jacket on the road can actually take you straight to the street stylebook. Mixing and matching colours always work well, but sticking to a single colour, like black or grey, is more fashionable. Seal your look with a pair of low-top trainers.

3 Best Semi-Casual Looks for Men

3 Best Semi-Casual Looks for Men

Men’s casual pants and leather jackets or men’s cargo pants with Polo Tees are currently all the rage, with A-listers and celebs going gaga over the casual, monochrome look. Paired with oversized belts and tiny satchel bags, they perk up your wardrobe from basic to brave. Incorporate these summer fashion trends in your daily outfits, accompanied by lots of subtle accessories, including colorful wristbands and attractive Fedora hats! On the Zobello fashion store, you can find casual pants online are so many styles and sizes! From discovering men’s chino pants online to unlocking new looks for an after-work party or even a date night, the styling possibilities are endless when you have such a style treasure box at your easy disposal. We are talking about the exciting and expansive online shopping store that’s filled with multi-categories of clothing and fashion accessories for the everyday male- be it men’s casual trousers or baggy cargo pants, there’s so much to meet your needs!

Here are some basic summer trends to incorporate in your daily wardrobe:

Oversized Sweaters

corduroypantsDo you gravitate towards long sweaters and trench coats?  If so, then you can proudly admit your fashion style leans towards vintage and classic chic of the 80s. Featuring bulky sweatshirts, dark colored jackets, and scarves; this trend is real and is taking the fashion world by storm. And if you’re ready to take the style to another level, we suggest gingham patterns and polo neck shirts. Wear with slim chino pants in light colors, corduroys and much more! Don’t forget the most London-chic element of your vintage look – a well-polished pair of Brogues in dark brown or green shades.

Yes to Florals


Flower prints for spring is often the safest and most viable fashion choice for your everyday wardrobe. Whether it is in oversized abstract shapes or pop art inspired patterns, this season, flower power is bold and here to stay. You can always steer away from the traditional bright colors and pick larger motifs and graphic designs. Accessorize with the right footwear and macho elements like velvet coats or denim jackets and chinos in dark brown or black colors!

Espresso for your Wardrobe


Muted browns and greens are super cool this summer, creating looks that you can rock to work or for an after-work party. Experiment with different color combinations like navy blue and black, beige and white. If you wish to achieve a stylish combination that’s both playful and powerful, pick long-sleeved and tight-fitting turtlenecks in light pastel shades or subtle floral prints. Style the look with your favorite trendy pair of coffee-colored chino pants for the best look. Cary off the ensemble with a touch of Derby boots!