A Guide to Men’s Hats

a guide to mens hatsThere’s been a recent addition to the ever-growing list of popular men’s accessories- men’s hats. In fact, hats have been leading the way now when it comes to men’s fashion accessories. So much so, that the trend is reminiscent of the time when men wouldn’t leave home without a hat.

The range of men’s hats online is so varied that it gets confusing sometimes, especially if you’re new to hats. To make things easier for you, here a comprehensive guide of the most popular ones to help you tell one hat from another.


mens fedoraThe most popular among men’s hats right now, the fedora is typically made of felt or straw, and is marked by the long crease down the middle of the crown and the pinch near the front on both sides. The best fedoras have a firm but flexible brim and are made of lightweight felt.

Wide Flat Brim Hat

Wide Flat Brim HatThis essentially brings together the best of the fedora and the country hat. It’s got a stiff, wide brim, which is a happening thing in men’s hats at the moment. The best thing about this hat is that it remains flat and uncrushed no matter how you wear it. Wide flat brim hats tend to be heavy because of its uncrushable nature

Flat Cap

Flat CapDid you know that in the earlier times you could tell social distinctions from the headwear? Take the flat cap, for instance. In the early 20th century, the flat cap was known as the workingman’s hat, and was widely worn by everyone from traders to beggars to artists. Many books and movies set in that period have also often shown the flat cap. The popularity of the flat cap rose in the early 20th century, and they are still as popular today.

Driving cap

driving cap for menHow can men’s caps online be complete without mentioning the driving cap? It’s a lot like the flat cap, sans the panels and the button on top. The specialty of the driving cap is the variety of names it is known by— cabbie cap, cloth cap, ivy cap, golf cap and bicycle cap… Phew!

Baseball cap

capsformenBaseball has been a favourite with men since ages. They vary in design and style, and have been around forever. There’s the snapback, the fitted cap, the 5 panels, the trucker hat, the ‘dad’ hat… Yes, they are all versions of the baseball cap!


fedoraQuite similar to the fedora but still different, the trilby is marked by its shorter and narrower brim which is usually snapped down in the front and up at the back. They also have a shorter crown compared to the fedora. The trilby once used to be very popular till the 1970s, but slowly dwindled away. They did have resurgence in the 90s, but they failed in popularity.

Men’s hats online have a huge, mind-boggling variety. Take your personality and taste into consideration before choosing your headwear!


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