Guide To Men’s Shoes

Guide To Men’s Shoes

You may have got gym shoes, loafers, jute shoes and handmade mens espadrilles, but which shoes are right for casual occasion? In this blog post, we will provide you a list of shoes that won’t kill your bank account and are right for casual dressy look.

Men casual shoe for business

Espadrilles Make Office Dressing EasyGone are the days, when men used to wear formal business attire, now trendy business casual look has become popular and so do the casual shoes for men. These shoes are similar to casual dress but they are not formal looking. They have a good sole or a lace to bank upon. They are made from materials like leather , swede or jute.  The jute shoes for men are a good example of how man can look formal with casual shoes.

Casual jute shoes for men works great with jeans as well as trousers. Jute shoes online India is the way to get the best deals.

Casual sporty look

semiformalshoesIt doesn’t mean that you need to wear this pair of shoes when you hit the gym. These shoes can be combined up with any kind of attire than a man would wear to attend a t-20 cricket match.

Casual men’s shoes that pair up with denim

shoesformen These shoes can be called as sporty shoes because it works great with jeans. Sneakers, Boat shoes are the best examples.

Casual shoes for men at home

Dress Code for Music GigsThe slipper is the best casual shoe to be worn by man at home. Another prime example of a good home casual shoe is boat shoe.

Why men prefer wearing casual shoes?

Today, the most men prefer wearing casual shoes because of the comfort that these shoes offer. It is one of the primary reasons to buy quality casual shoe. When it comes to material, there are enough of options to select from. Handmade jute shoes for men are becoming popular these days. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is style and material that is compatible to your feet.

Styles that are popular

There are several styles that come under this category. One of the basic styles is classic basic black shoes, provided they are of good quality and workmanship.  Other styles include loafers, boots, runners and flip flops.

Kind of materials

It is important to wear season appropriate shoes. For fall or winter season leather shoes are appropriate, for warmer weather jute shoes is the best and for spring, suede is a good option.

What kind of color to select from?

Colors depend upon your personality and for what purpose you are wearing them. Staying with neutral shades is best. Two factors to consider before buying men’s footwear is: whether it is fashionable and will it work well with your attire.


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