Shorts Are Hot and Trendy


Want to give a summer spin to your wardrobe? Well, as the temperature rises, here’s how you can stand apart from the crowd. In this blog post,, will guide you about men’s fashion.

Men shorts are hot

cargo shorts for men

Up the oomph quotient by sporting a unisex shorts and military color t-shirt. It is available in various shades like olive green, mauve and chest. The trick is to blend vintage and contemporary style with a bold vibe. Concentrate on the prints and patterns to create a rugged look. The only accessories that you need to complete the look are a pair of leather sandals and of course dollops of confidence.

Men printed shorts

printed shortsformen

Gone are the days, when people used to prefer structured men shorts. Now a days, printed shorts for men are officially in. Starting from orchids to tulips to king size lotus to peonies and roses, be ready to sport floral shorts. The look can be completed by wearing well placed accessories like a tie, bow-tie or a scarf. It is the best way to introduce you to the floral.

A tip to be remembered- always consider the occasion before donning the floral short. A gardenia short may be well suited for beach parties or a casual occasion, but it is a strict no-no for office.

denim shorts for men

Denim shorts for men-Denim, Denim, Denim- where would the world go without denim? It forms a significant part of men’s wardrobe or simply you can call it as a backbone. Despite the arrival of so many fabrics, denim is still considered as a major trend for spring/summer collection. While its popularity is undeniably increasing day by day, but its traditional guise of jeans is no longer the comfortable choice for warmer weather. Step forward and buy denim shorts. It is far more weather appropriate and is a strong substitute for chinos versions. A knee length denim shorts offers relaxed feel and is best suited for casual ensembles. You can pair up the denim shorts with loafers, smart t-shirt, desert boot. You can buy men denim shorts online too.

Military edge– You can give your look a contemporary twist by wearing such shorts. Well, well ditch that military detailing like standard buttons, surface textures, racer stripes and columns and pleats.

It is available in various fabrics like cotton, linen, muslin and silk. The shades available for men short online are oxblood, vanilla, wine, champagne, cobalt and forest green. Complete the look with a brogue shorts or two-tone patent slip ons.

In a nutshell, the above-mentioned shorts are sure to raise eyebrows, when done in a right way. It is a superb style statement or can be considered as smart casual pieces.


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