Un-Boring Shirts!


Do you think that men’s shirts are just for formal occasions? Think again!

There are tons of different types of shirts. And majority of them are for casual wear. There are denim shirts for men, men’s floral printed shirts, Hawaiian printed shirts for men and so on. Confused with all the variety? No worries, we’re here to help you distinguish different kinds of casual wear shirts to wear on different kinds of occasions.

1. Denim Shirts


These shirts have been on and off from the fashion world. Wearing them can be risky but if you know exactly which one to pick, they’ll make you look great. The key is to choose a material, which is not too thick, because who wants to feel like you’re wearing jeans on your whole body? When you know the material, choose the right shade. Want variety? Log on to Zobello.com. These men denim shirts look best with black jeans, or with chinos. They’re not formal and yet not too casual. You can wear this outfit for casual gatherings, birthday parties (not dress codes ones though) and even on a normal day.

2. The Floral prints

The Floral prints

Floral printed shirts give a relaxing feeling. They look more casual than denim shirts. A person who is wearing a floral shirt can come off as easy going and fun loving, and who wouldn’t want that?! And there are so many designs to choose from. The more, the better! You can pull them off with jeans, pants or even shorts. Wear them on a lazy Sunday or a beach party, they will fit perfectly.

3. Checked Shirts


Yes, checked shirts for men are still in folks. They make up for great casual outfits. Wear them with denim jeans or skinny pants or shorts, they won’t disappoint you! The design is eye catching and will give you a sizzling summery vibe. There are several different designs within checks as well. The large dull checks, the busy bright checks and so on.

4. The Aloha Shirt

The Aloha Shirt

The Aloha shirt which is also known as The Hawaiian shirt comes all the way from where it was originated, Hawaii. They are the type you pack instantly when you’re planning a beach holiday or going on some beech parties. They’re usually printed, collared and short sleeved. They look great if paired with the right shorts. There are different types of aloha shirts, which look the same to most people. You have your full button down, pullovers, panel, border, scenic and so on. Here at Zobello.com, you can find all kinds of aloha shirts.

Want to make your wardrobe trendy and casual at the same time? What are you waiting for? Log on to Zobello.com!


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