This Father’s Day: Do Something Different Yet Special

They say that a father is a son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love. Well, how true is that, right? Father’s Day is the perfect time to pamper your hero. Be different and do something special this Father’s Day for this special man in your life. Of course, we are here to help you. Make sure that you have a planned day just for him. We have couple of ideas that you might

You can start-off the day by giving him a card, a handmade one is even better. Or, go to the nearest gift store, and pick up a nice card to let him know he’s been a loving father to you.



You can probably watch a couple of youtube videos and make breakfast for him if you think that’s a wonderful idea to bring a smile on daddy’s face.



spaformenSpas! Think it’s out of the box? Well, why not? Look out for spas in your vicinity, and book an appointment for him to relax, and take some time off.


drivingcarYou have multiple options to take him out; for a hike, a long drive, fishing, jogging, etc. We are sure you’ll figure out which one he likes the most(in case you’re confused).


fromzobelloGifts are always a mandatory! Yes, we like old school, and so will daddy! Log on to, and add the products of your choice to the cart. It’s just a click away! We recommend you to click on the new arrivals to check out our latest trends for you and the father.

Dinner at 7 Star Hotel

dinnerat7stathotelHave you ever felt that he has not done this before, or, has there ever been an incident that has made you feel that way? Give it a thought. It can be as simple as his first dinner in a 7 Star Hotel or his first ride in a Mercedes. You know you can make it happen, right? Its simple to book a luxury cab, or even rent a luxury car in today’s world!

You have read through all the above points. Select the ones/one that’s best for your father on Father’s Day, and we’re sure you’ll rock his day!

Its very hard for us to pay attention to little details in this busy world where the technology has almost taken over, but, let’s not forget; family is everything. Your father is the soul reason you have had all the things in life. So, it’s your turn to be thankful to your daddy dearest.


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