6 Looks for Men to Wear in Office

Try out these chic yet comfy office wear styles for a stylish look.

Well, women have a lot of variety and choices in terms of clothes and accessories when we talk about office wear. But most men have to suffice with the boring formal shirt and trouser look. Well, now no more! All you lads out there! We bring to you some amazing styling tips to make you look dapper in your office too. Take a look!


Polo t-shirt with blazer: Be it a formal or casual occasion, a collar neck polo T-shirt is good to go. All the more, a stylish blazer accentuates the look of the tee, making it look formal and yet comfy.  Opt for bold colour blazers like pink, green and turquoise.


Round neck T-shirt with scarf and blazer: If collar neck tee is not your style and you still want to do away with stuffy formal shirts, we have a perfect solution for you. Opt for a round neck breezy T-shirt, which is absolutely soft on your skin. You can either choose a plan or printed ones as per your taste. Just complement it with a bold colour blazer to make it look a bit formal. Since you cannot wear tie with a T-shirt, try draping a scarf along the inner lines of your blazer’s collar. This will instantly make you look dapper.


Jeans with tucked-in shirt: Well, who says you cannot wear a formal shirt with a jeans. It looks equally cool. Haven’t you seen several college professors flaunting this look with élan? However, Make sure that the jeans is not baggy and ill-fitted, the way you used to wear during your college days. That’s a complete no no. Choose a shirt with check patters. It looks really cool with a classic blue pair of jeans.

cardiganswithCardigan over shirt with corduroy pants: Once winters set it, you can don a stripped or may be a single shade cardigan over your shirt. Team them with a pair of corduroy pants. Just think beyond your pullovers and try this look to become a stylish you.


A clutch bag without strap with a classy suit: Accessories play a very important role in making you look trendy and stylish. You can opt for a strapless leather clutch bag to keep your papers and files. It goes really well with a suit and is perfect for board meetings.

semiformalshoesOpt for semi-formal shoes: Loafers, slip-on and moccasins look great on both formal and casual wear. Moreover, they come in myriad colours to suit your style. They are not only comfortable but stylish as well.


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