How To Ensure Proper Fit Of Clothes


Most of us associate loose clothing with comfort. While this can work when you’re lounging at home, it can make you look equally sloppy when you go out. The fit of your clothing is more important than how it looks. An ill-fitting garment will totally fall flat no matter how good and stylish it is, going on to prove that how your clothes fit you plays a bigger role than how they look on you.

Given that there are so many different kinds of garments for men, it can be confusing to remember the different fits. The following guide should help you get an idea.



When buying shirts for men or getting them tailored, always check the following things go ensure a proper fit:

The collar should be comfortable and not constrict your neck. The best way to check this is by turning your head. The collar shouldn’t turn along with your head.

The shoulder seam should be at the shoulder bone.

The sleeve shouldn’t be either loose or tight. When bending your arm, the cuff shouldn’t ride up more than an inch. The cuffs should end where your palms begin, and should be no higher or tighter than a watch.



A jacket should fit you snugly without bunching or stretching. When buying men’s jackets online, make sure that the collar shows at least 2 centimetres of your shirt collar to show.

The shoulder seam should sit on the edge of the shoulder and there shouldn’t be any bend between the sleeves and the shoulder. The sleeves shouldn’t be too tight, should allow free movement, and just extend a little farther your wrist.

When measuring the jacket length, always make sure the second button from the bottom rests above your belly button.



Different pants have different fits. What kind of pant you’re wearing will determine how you wear it.

Men’s chino pants should not drape or bunch near the ankles. They should not have pleats. As a rule, there should only be one break at the pant legs, but if you’re wearing socks there should be no breaks.

Dress pants are more relaxed than chinos, so there should be a small break in the pant leg. Men’s trousers online should drape more than chinos but there should be no pleats.



Since they are men’s casual pants, the numbers of breaks they have depend on the style of denims. They are generally fitted till the thighs and taper towards the ankles, but there are also other styles that you can consider, like slim and skinny fits.

When buying clothes from men’s online shopping store, it is important to keep the fit and your body shape in mind.

If you’re heavy, your clothes should fit you perfectly as baggy clothes will look unflattering. Pants should have no pleats or breaks.

If you’re short, you should wear vertical lines and avoid wearing patterns. Your pants should have a tapered fit, and shirts should be tucked in.

If you’re tall, wear horizontal lines and always pick slim fit clothing to avoid looking baggy.

When your clothes fit right, even an ordinary garment looks good. Before determining how stylish or trendy the piece of clothing is, it is important to determine how they fit. Use the above tips to make sure you have the right fitting clothes always.


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