Vacation Dressing Essentials

Vacation Dressing Essentials

When the temperatures reach unkindly levels, a vacation to a distant beach is in order. And apart from settling finances to make that trip happen, you need to revamp your holiday wardrobe.  It’s time to go all-out and invest in some hot and stylish accessories like Panama straw hats, tropical shorts, bohemian bracelets for men, and some old-fashioned aviators, of course.

So, if you’re shopping for shorts, Derby hats or even men’s bracelets online, make sure you explore the Zobello fashion portal.

We’ve listed down some vacation looks that the quintessential male can weave into his summer wardrobe:  

Bright Colours and Kickass Tropical Prints

Bright Colours and Kickass Tropical Prints

An easy way to stand out on the beach is to don a bright yellow or red polo shirt. It sits well on your khaki shorts wardrobe. Go with brown or tan loafers and Greek-inspired Birkenstock sandals to avoid messy puddles of water and sand. Invest in tropical print shorts and brightly coloured tees. Don’t forget to leave some room in your wallet to buy men’s bracelets in stylish woven rope or exotic bead combinations. Now, there’s really no point in spending on clothes or men’s accessories if it isn’t going to make heads turn. Right? So, fill your wardrobe with these essential pieces that are both stylish and comfortable.

Hoodies and Sports Jackets

Hoodies and Sports Jackets

If you’re afraid of missing out on workout sessions at the gym while on vacation and are planning on taking treks and hikes to burn calories, you should invest in a couple of vests and jersey shorts. Sports jackets are ideal for cooler nights later, and can just be thrown on your shorts and shirt ensemble. Accessorize with some leather men’s bracelets and loafers.

Summer No-show socks

Yes, there a lot of men’s fashion accessories that can take your outfit to the next level. Bring out your trendiest pair of sandals and pick dark no-show socks for daytime sojourns. Also, find online men’s bracelets made from funky jasper stones with anchor details that look so fabulous with your chino trousers and tropical Hawaiian shirt.  

Baseball caps and Hats


Hats for men are the best summer accessories to wear- they inject a dose of whimsy and fun in your otherwise mundane wardrobe. Find online straw hats and jazz up your beach wardrobe with a selection of woven rope bracelets and link chains to go with the rockstar-cool Johnny Depp look.

Canvas Rucksacks

Canvas Rucksacks

Investing in a trendy brown rucksack can offer the right amount of motivation in packing. These stylish carry-ons are a must-have for your summer wardrobe, and go so well with biker boots, denims, shorts and more casual wear items.

When you’re purchasing men’s accessories like shorts, hats and men’s bracelets, online shopping is the most convenient option. So, get going and grab all the fashionable must-haves for your getaway out of the city from Zobello!


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