Dressing to the Beach like a Pro

Dressing to the Beach like a Pro

Wishing to get latest fashion trends delivered right at your doorstep? Then, you’re in luck as the Zobello online fashion store is your knight in shining fashion armor. Buying men’s swimwear at departmental stores or malls can direct slightly awkward glances your way or the whole shopping experience presents a time consuming affair. When you can view different styles online and just buy what fits your personality, whilst getting the items delivered to your doorstep, shopping is fun and easy!

Yes, we are living in a world that treats Bermuda shorts and vests as untouchable attire to don outdoors! However, the idea of dressing ourselves in the said clothes hasn’t worn off. Shorts, swimming trunks, loose cotton shirts, nylon jogger pants come under the men’s swimwear category, a dressing style most guys find comfort in.

What to look for while choosing the perfect swimwear for men…

1-  Colors and Prints

Colors and PrintsMen’s swimwear at Zobello offers a whimsical mixture of vibrant colors, fun graphic prints, juxtaposing modern motifs against black backgrounds. From quirky printed floral patterns to basic stripes, each pair from the varied swim shorts for men categories stands out. Made from nylon fabric, the clothes dry easily so you can take a dip in the pool and go for late-night dinner later.

2-  Mix and Match Style

Mix and Match StyleZobello’s range of swim shorts can be paired with color-block polo shirts, cool cotton tees, stylish stripe vests in vivid color combinations and even long sleeve check tops; the styling possibilities are endless. The best accessories you can wear with your sunny pair of men’s shorts are John Lennon aviators, Panama straw hats, printed socks and leather sandals or even pool sliders (if you don’t have a bad case of hairy feet).

3-  What’s the right Length?

What’s the right LengthWhile picking the right size of swimwear shorts for men, choose one with a length that hits just above the knee. Short and loose swim trunks are ideal for lounging by the pool while the slightly fitting versions make do for long swim sessions. For guys that have leaner, athletic body types, Zobello offers shorts with elastic waistbands and cord straps for easy wear. Those guys who are on the heavier side can pick out flat front shorts that are extremely comfortable for all-day use.

4-  Fabric Construction Matters

You can also finalize on your buying decision by checking out the fabric constructions of the shorts for men available on the Zobello fashion portal. Nylon spandex dries easily and is perfect if you’re vacation is all about snorkeling, diving and swimming on some distant island. While, swimwear that’s made of polyester is perfectly is preferable for guys who are more of sun worshippers and like spending time getting their tanning groove on, with a side dressing of a book and tropical cocktail!

We hope these fine pointers will drive your heads to Zobello the next time you decide to hit the beach or go for a swim!


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