The Best Men’s Hats For Summer


The head is the first place the sun beats down upon. And a hot head heats up the rest of the body pretty quickly, resulting in severe discomfort. While a summer umbrella may be a solution, it becomes a bother to carry around an added item everywhere, and you could end up losing it altogether if you aren’t careful. A stylish hat can save the day in such a case. Whether the sun is glaring down or unpredictable showers making things soggy, a hat with protect you from both while also adding style and individuality to your outfit. Here are the different types of men’s summer hats you could add to your collection…

The Panama Hat


The Panama hat is a great addition to any summer attire. Made from straw, this brimmed hat offers great sun protection while taking your look a notch higher with its style and class. The best part about a Panama is that it’s available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and brim widths. Straw is a natural material and is known for its cooling properties, making Panama an ideal hat for the summer. Moreover, it comes in mostly neutral shades, which go well with all kinds of outfits. It is particularly well suited to linen or cotton separates in beige, cream or white.

The Straw Fedora

hatsThe most versatile men’s hat, the straw fedora is a summer staple for many gents because of its ability to be used for both dressing up or down. Like the Panama, this is also made from straw, and offers excellent protection from the sun and heat. It is lightweight and comfy, letting your head to breathe and pass the heat. A straw fedora is available in a wide range of colours, thus making it easier to find something to suit your outfits. If you have a longish face, choose a wide brim to make your face appear smaller. If you have a small face, just choose a narrow brim. The versatility of the straw fedora makes it suit all kinds of outfits from a simple jeans and tee look, to a smart-casual attire.

The Bucket Hat

The Bucket Hat

This statement hat from the nineties is making a comeback, with runways beginning to bring it back into mainstream fashion from 2014. Designers have been bringing out bucket hats in unusual colours as well as tropical prints. A floppy hat, which is uber comfy, a bucket hat makes for a perfect summer accessory with casual wear. Although the hat makes long faces look smaller, it is suitable for all face types and looks particularly good when pushed back a bit. Brighten up your summer wardrobe with a few bucket hats for men online in various hues and prints. You could either choose the affordable ones, or if you have coins to spare, go for high end designer ones.

The Flat Cap


The flat cap is defined as a small, round cap with a small brim. Of late, a lot of celebrities have been seen sporting the flat cap, but since this is summer, it is time to swap the tweed for cotton, seersucker, or linen. Since the flat cap originated in rural England, it goes best with laidback, casual wear. Choose brogues, a checked shirt, and pants in earthy tones to sport a relaxed summer look. The flat cap is available in a wide variety of colours and suits all types of faces. All you need is to choose a few from the wide range of men’s caps online.


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