A Guide to Men’s Polo Shirts

A Guide to Men’s Polo ShirtsMen’s polo shirts are a go-to option for your everyday wardrobe, be it casual occasions with the lads from work or even a night-out with your better half. And when it comes to shopping from online portals, the options and styles available are plenty. Now, if you look at Zobello, an online fashion store that offers lots of men’s style choices for different days and seasons, getting just what you want is such a breeze.

At Zobello, you will be absolutely spoilt for choice. Find men’s polo t-shirts online in styles that make you look casual whilst venturing into the semi-casual category of appearing classy and almost well-dressed. At first, polo shirts for men were considered sport-y versions, reserved only for polo games in 1800 Britain. It is from there that the idea of a dress shirt with a button down collar came upon a designer from the Brooks Brother fashion venture who took it forward famously to America.

polotshiesPolo shirts for men are the perfect summer staple, and can be worn in so many different ways. Style the look with chinos and tapered white pants and brogues. Look for styles in a range of colours that include navy blue, red, white and black. Zobello does a brilliant job of showcasing a host of patterns like stripes, polka dots, solids and much more! A definite pick for the style conscious male, polo shirts for men make for a fabulous choice for golf courses, basketball games, cricket matches or even a date at an Al-Fresco restaurant. Furthermore, you can dial up the style quotient by tucking in a simple striped men’s polo shirt with slim fit trousers. Complete the look with color-block socks and brown Derby boots and you’re good to go. Throw on your designer watch, some wrist bands and add on a navy blazer as an after-thought for post-work drinks.

menpolot-shirtsAt Zobello, find a wide array of brands in the men’s polo short category. The best way to look dapper in the style is to choose a lose size that sits well on broader shoulders and a bigger physique. Pick out lightweight fabrics like cotton that drape seamlessly over any body type, and serve the purpose of a transitional wardrobe staple in such a great fashion. Pure Egyptian cotton and blended fabrics like polyester offer breathability and absolute comfort throughout the day. And if you fancy taking a dip in the color-block pool, you can do so with a brightly colored polo shirt in yellow, lime green, red or even pink! This ensemble plays well for date nights or a casual Sunday brunch with the family.

polot-shirtsformnesBe it formal occasions or casual lunch dates that don’t need a lot of fashion thought, Zobello fashion for men takes care of your every need. So simple and easy to use, the website features a plethora of styles and colors to choose from, and you’ll definitely find a style you’ll want to invest in.


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