The Four Must Have T-shirts This Summer


Summer’s upon us, and with the sun mercilessly beating down, you will want to keep away the sweatshirts and chunky pants and bring down the comfy shorts and tees. And when it’s hot, you’ll be surprised to find how easily you exhaust your T-shirt collection and then think of buying a few more. Men’s t-shirt styles are varied and there’s something for every person. So this summer maybe the perfect time to add to your collection and keep cool while looking great. After all, why let the heat rob your style? Here’s the four kind of t-shirts you cannot do without this season.

The Classic White T-Shirt


Now which man can do without a timeless white T-shirt, which is versatile and comfortable like nothing else? Think of all the different ways you can style it. You could wear it underneath a denim or leather jacket, use it as a layering piece underneath a lightweight blazer, or go for an all-white ensemble. Keep in mind that white is bound to become yellow, dirty, and worn in a short while, so there’s not much sense in buying expensive white t-shirts. Instead, pick up some inexpensive basic tees and mix and match them with everything.

Linen T-shirt

Among all the men’s T-shirts online, linen gives unparalleled comfort during the hot, humid months. Linen is lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying, and absorbs sweat to keep you comfortable all day long. In terms of versatility, they are right on top, offering you the option of wearing them on their own with chinos, denims, or even shorts, as well as layering them under summer jackets or blazers for a sharp look. Choosing a couple of them in a neutral colour is a good investment, as they’ll keep you cool while looking stylish.

Printed T-shirt


To break the monotony of neutral hues, try throwing in a couple of printed tees into your collection. Even though some of you might cringe at the thought of blending printed t-shirts with the basic, neutral ones, it is actually surprisingly easy. Whether you buy the expensive ones, or the simple affordable graphic or patterned tees available, the trick to getting it right is to team it with a pair of denim shorts or distressed jeans, or smarten it up by layering it under a dark or neutral blazer. A printed T-shirt is just what you need to add some energy into your summer dressing.

Long Line T-shirt


You might have noticed that the usual T-shirt style has a new competitor: the one with the hem hanging below the hip and the neckline wider. We’re talking of the longline tee, that has given t-shirts for men a whole new look. Pulling off a longline t-shirt can seem a little daunting, but the key is to wear it with skinny fit trousers or jeans so the fit is balanced out. You could also wear it under a cropped tee for an added edge.


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