Men’s Shorts: How To Get It Right


Shorts are a summer favourite. Buy it’s interesting to know that among all the men that patronise shorts as the go-to summertime clothing, most of them are prone to getting it wrong. Men’s shorts can be a versatile and utterly comfortable garment, but if worn all wrong, it can take your personal fashion several notches down. Hiding behind layers of clothing is easy. Pulling off a summer outfit is equally hard. Here is some guidance for you master the art of looking great in a pair of shorts.

Mind The Length

The most crucial aspect of shorts for men is the length. You wear it below the knee and it becomes something akin to Bermuda shorts. You wear it too short and it starts to resemble swimming trunks. Getting the length of shorts right is tricky. However the rule is pretty simple: tall guys should keep it just above the knee while short guys should wear it a few inches above the knee. But irrespective of your height, you must always try to stick to a length that flatters your physique.

Choose A Breathable Fabric


Men’s shorts online are available in a variety of fabrics but you should choose the one that will give you the most comfort during the torrid summer. Your best option would be cotton or linen, or other blends that are comfortable enough to be worn in summer. Be careful while choosing a fabric, because a synthetic or non-breathable fabric will not only give you discomfort but can also result in rashes.

Try Your Shorts Before Buying Them

Most men spend a lot of time in their shorts during summer, and this requires you to try out each pair before you buy them. You must choose a slim fit instead of something that clings to your legs, and try walking, sitting, and standing up to make sure the fit and size are correct. If you find it too tight or too hot, you may need to look for a different size and fabric.

Stick To Flattering Styles


Instead of trying out men’s printed shorts or loud colours just because they’re all the rage, it’s more advisable to stick to something that you’re more comfortable in. There are hundreds of different varieties of men’s shorts available in the market, and which one you buy would depend on your physique and your comfort level. If you’re comfortable in a looser fit and neutral colours, then stick to it. If you’re more into experimenting, then you’re free to go ahead and try the different varieties of shorts available online.

You’ll be spending most of your summer- indoors or outdoors- in your shorts. A little care when buying a new pair would give you the ultimate comfort and the most flattering look!


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