Complete Guide To Pick The Comfortable Men’s Innerwear

To Pickcompleteguidgformeninnerwear

It’s time to mention the unmentionables: Men’s innerwear. While most men willingly spend hours trying to find a perfect pair of jeans, they do less justice when it comes to select innerwear for men that are intimate to skin. With changing fashion trends everyone has their own preference while buying innerwear- some people buy for show and others for their own comfort, but whatever is the reason, it must be suitable for you.  It’s time to do away with the avoidable blunders. Remember, what’s on the inside also counts and increases confidence.  Below are some tips to consider when buying innerwear for men:

The right need- Boxer briefs or Boxers shorts

Choose your innerwear type according to your needs. Boxer briefs for men are considered as greatest invention as they combine the coverage of boxers with the support of briefs. You get the right secure fit and ample of breathing space too. On the other hand, boxer shorts are acceptable as loungewear as they have wide leg openings like shorts. They have elastic waistbands and buttoned traditional fly. If you wear tight pants or have active lifestyle, you should probably go for boxer briefs, but if you wear looser pants or have a sedentary job, boxer shorts will do the job.

Material – Cotton vs. Others

The fabric of men’s innerwear affects the overall comfort. Different material like cotton, spandex, silk, nylon or wool offers different level of softness, warmth, support, movement, and air flow.  A synthetic blend increase breathe-ability but once it gets an odor, it tends to stick around. However for regular wear cotton is the best choice. Cotton is natural material that is soft, comfortable and prevents chaffing.


For springs and summers- grey, white or light colors should be your pick and for rest of the time go for solids, dark colors or checks for boxer shorts. Be cautious with your innerwear while wearing light colored pants as they can be slightly translucent. Light grey blends in with most skin tones and does not show through a light colored or woven pair of pants.


Pair worn once a week will most likely have a lifespan of a year but the right time to replace is every 6months. Even the most durable fabric won’t last forever. When you feel that fabric is stretching out of shape, ripping off, notice wear-and-tear issues and does not offer the same support its time to replace.

Finding Men’s Innerwear

Men have a greater variety of innerwear styles than they used to have in the past. On Zobello you will find variety of innerwear for men- boxer shorts, boxer briefs for men in different colors and styles. Moreover, you can discover contemporary range of Clothes, Shoes, Bags, Belts and other accessories to reinvent men’s wardrobe backed by 30 years of expertise only at Zobello.


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