Men’s Swimwear SS16-Complete Style Guide

Men’s Swimwear SS16-Complete Style Guide

Preparing for beach or island holiday is always an exciting time. And one thing that goes hand in hand with summer holidays is the swimwear. This SS16 there are more options available to you than ever before. Before you head make sure you have the right pair for yourself.  So, it’s time to prepare your summer wardrobe with our foolproof guide to SS16 men’s swimwear style:


The fit of your swimwear completely depends on your preference whether you like the tailored type fit or prefer shorts that have a little more room for maneuvering. But we suggest always go for something well fitted. Loose swimwear for men is not so flattering. You should also consider your height: the taller you are, easier to carry swim board shorts, while shorter styles compliment well-built thighs. In other words perfect length is above the knee at the longest and mid-thigh at the shortest. Usually swimwear for men is crafted from nylon with inner polyester mesh lining and comes with elastic waistband with draw cords for the comfort fit.


Once you’ve decided to choose long or short swimwear for you, it’s time to think about color. Color can make you look stylishly summer-ready or the guy woke up from bed. The key is to match it with your skin tone. For lighter complexion go for muted colors like grey, navy, black, burgundy and olive green- all of which will contrast brilliantly against your skin tone. For darker complexion, feel free to branch out into brighter shades like orange, red, pastels, yellow or lime green.

Prints and Stripes

If solid color styles bore you and you want to try something different then it’s worth daring for prints. Prints are in fashion for SS16, we suggest you to go for tribal prints, bold designs and batik prints for an instant summer update. You can opt something from floral prints to microprints that’s sure to stand out in-between taking a dip. If prints don’t work for you, we recommend you to go for nautical stripes or side running stripes swimwear for a classy and timeless contemporary look.

Key Accessories

Every stylish swim shorts demands some stylish accessories! From tank tops to espadrilles to fedora hats you need everything to be photo ready. Pair your swim shorts with reverse printed cotton tank top for men which are perfect blend of style and functionality. For relaxed feet, nothing can be better option than espadrilles. From striped to prints you can choose the one matching with your outfit. Nothing speaks summer like peppy straw fedora hats. So, grab on Cuban style fedora hat, sunglasses and bracelets and tune into beach holiday mode.

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