Types of T-Shirt Styles for Men

Styles for Men

The humble t-shirt is a ubiquitous garment in most men’s wardrobes. While shopping for men’s t-shirts online, men should try to bring more variety to their casual wear department by considering the different t-shirt styles available. Let’s take a look at the types of t-shirts you could choose for different occasions.

Crew neck T-shirt

roundneckt-shirtsThe best known and most popular among men’s t-shirts, the crew neck t-shirt is characterised by a simple round neck line. The crew neck t-shirt provides coverage and modesty and is widely worn all over the world by most men.  Men round neck tees can be layered under coats, blazers, or jackets for a formal, office look.

V-neck T-shirt

vnackformenAnother popular style is the V-neck t-shirt that comes a close second to crew neck tees. This style is more opted by younger men who want to show off their toned chest. Those who prefer more coverage may go for a neckline that isn’t too deep. This style is also great for layering and can be worn to office or formal occasions under a blazer or coat.

Tank tops

tanksformenA sleeveless T-shirt that most men use as gym wear, tank tops can also be worn under other clothing like shirts and t-shirts. Men tank tops are also great for the beach or pool, and are usually worn in summer. Young men often wear tank tops to show off their toned body or muscular form.

Striped t-shirt

stripetshirtsAmong men’s t-shirts, you will notice a huge variety of striped t-shirts. Stripes are a welcome change from the usual solid colour t-shirts, and bring a different flair to your t-shirt collection. These t-shirts have horizontal stripes, which range from thick to thin. Stripes should be worn carefully, since thin stripes are generally slimming but thick stripes can give the illusion of more weight.

Graphic t-shirt

grafictshirtsGraphic t-shirts have become popular among young men today because of the way they express a personal style statement. Graphic t-shirts usually come with logos, graphics, and other patterns that are considered off-beat and edgy. These t-shirts can also be customised with your own logo or message along with graphics and images that may be associated with the wearer’s political affiliation or his favourite sports team. These t-shirts are strictly casual wear and shouldn’t be worn to formal places and occasions.

Printed t-shirt

printedt-shirtsThis is similar to graphic t-shirts, except that printed t-shirts usually have different kinds of patterns and designs on them instead of graphics. They could be florals, two or more colour combinations, geometric shapes, polka dots, or any other abstract design. Printed t-shirts come in various necklines, but must not be worn at formal places.

Men t-shirts online come in a huge variety of designs, colours and styles. Adding them to your collection could make your fashion statement more versatile and eye-catching.


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