How To Include Hoodies In Your Wardrobe


What will you call a versatile, stylish, functional and comfortable sweatshirt- a hoodie!

Hoodies have transcended beyond their image of just casual sportswear and have grown up as a stylish clothing option, boasting the style quotient of men. For autumn, hoodies are the go-to piece of clothing for many people.  With some tweaks and twists in design, color, pattern and material; hoodies for men are becoming wardrobe essential. With wide variety of choices in hoodies for men, selecting the right one needs a focus on your preference. Let us have a look at some details about hoodies:

Types of Hoodies

typeofhoodies.jpgMostly hoodies comes in two styles- zippers or either closures. For zippers you can go for half/full zipper, contrast zipper, and shawl collar one button hoodie. For closure hoodies you have options of pouch pocket or side pockets in front. With changing fashion trend you can either go for graphic hoodies, nautical striped hoodies, printed hoodies or waffle knit hoodies. Hoodies are an ideal outfit to mark up your style quotient by leaps and bounds irrespective of your age.

How to Style Hoodies

howtostylehoodies.jpgYou can wear men’s hoodies with a preppy twist. Take inspiration from American college jock for this look, which is smart yet with a sporting, youthful twist. Well-fiited jeans, printed tees, loafers and accessories are key to completing the look right. Choosing full zip hoodies usually keeps the look a bit more casual, while a hoodie without the zipper looks a little more sporty. Add a luxury sport watch, leather shoes, and a laid-back attitude and you’ll turn heads. For dapper look, a sharp tailored blazer worn with a solid hoodies underneath poking over crisp collar, looks not only cool but are cozy too. A hoodie with cuff joggers and high ankle sneakers make perfect outfit for sports and sweating out in gym.

Color and Material

Basic colors such as black, grey, blue and white suits almost every man. You can decide the color of your hoodie on basis of your body shape and attitude. If you are a fan of bright, bold colors you can invest in men printed hoodies or graphic hoodies for street wear. Else if you want to flaunt dapper look, neutral solid hoodies for men are the best. For material -fleece, cotton, nylon, and polyester; each of them offers different functionality and comfort levels, you can choose men hoodies according to your activities and needs.

Where to Buy

Zobello is a one-stop destination exclusively for men, which offers unique, trendy and stylish hoodies for men. From printed to graphic to stripes to solids you can choose variety of men’s hoodies online and go forth in hood. You can also shop for chinos, corduroy pants, sneakers, espadrilles, tees and cool accessories to pair with hoodies.


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