Things to Know About Ikat


While shopping for clothes online you must have encountered the term ‘ikat’ a lot of times. Maybe you have also bought a few shirts and pants in printed in ikat because they looked more appealing than regular prints. But have you ever wondered what ikat is exactly and where it originated?

If you have, then this piece is for you. Ikat is a kind of dyed textile that dates back to the uzbekistan-smithsonian period when it was mostly made in silk and cotton. It involves a resist dying process, which is native to central asia, south asia, japan, and latin america. In this technique, individual or bundles of yarn are bound together in the desired pattern. The yarn is then dyed. If a pattern is to be changed or altered, the binding can be changed, and then the yarn dyed again.

Ikat involves a laborious and painstaking process, and the skill of the craftsman determines the quality of the print. Ikat is different from other resist dying techniques like batik and tie-and-dye, because in these processes, the resist is applied to woven cloth, while in ikat it is applied to the yarn.

Ikat can be classified into a number of varieties, namely warp ikat, weft ikat, and double ikat.

Warp ikat: in this process, only the warp yarns are dyed in ikat, and the weft yarns in a solid colour. Then the two yarns are loomed in to weave the cloth. Warp ikat is mostly produced in indonesia.

Weft ikat: in this process, only the weft yarns are dyed. This is a slow process because yarns need to adjusted each time a dye shuttle is passed through it in order to maintain clarity of design. Weft ikat, thus, has more prominent designs than other ikat weaves.

Double ikat: the most difficult of all ikat weaves; the double ikat textile is the most expensive ikat available. In this, both the warp and the weft yarns are resist-dyed and then woven. It’s a painstaking process that produces beautiful ikat but the production is limited to only three places: india, japan, and indonesia. In india, it is made in patan, gujarat, and is considered the most complicated and exquisite double ikat weave.

Oshima ikat: this ikat weave is unique to japan, where both the warp and weft are used as warp yarn to weave stiff fabric like mats after which the ikat weaving thread is spot-dyed.

Ikat prints are just regular prints that try to replicate the original ikat; they aren’t the real thing. However, they have grown very popular in recent years, thanks to the appeal they present to print lovers. It has some of the finest ikat-printed clothes online. Ikat popover short sleeve shirt for men is a great buy for the uncomfortable summer months; the soft fabric lets your skin breathe and absorbs moisture, keeping you dry and comfy all day, while adding some edge to your look.

Slim-fit cotton ikat-printed shirt lets you achieve a traditional style that also brings in the best of contemporary fashion. Wear it with your denims, khakis, or chinos, and you are ready to turn heads in a style that brings vibrancy and flamboyance to your regular attire.

Bermuda ikat-printed shorts are a great addition to your beach wears collection. While everyone else turns out in his or her usual colours at a pool or beach party, stand out from the rest in this pair of bright, ikat-printed shorts and become the talk of the party!


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