Willing to know All About BAJA Hoodies

bajahoodiesformen copy

BAJA hoodies was the fashion statement in 80s which made a huge comeback in past few years with variegated colors and prints. Apart from being uber cool they have high style quotient and functionality. If you have no idea what baja hoodies are worry not! we will tell you everything you should know about baja hoodies:

What Are BAJA Hoodies?


BAJA hoodies or Mexican threads hoodies are identified by slit on each side, with a hood, a huge front center pocket and 2 thick ropes at the neck. These unisex roomy pullovers are lightweight and ideal for layering up. Baja hoodies typically contain cotton, acrylic, polyester, or some combination and have a soft lining for extra comfort and warmth. Especially common among young men, the drug rug hoodies can be considered a part of cholo style and are popular in Hippie subculture. With breathable fabrics, baja hoodies are all climate perfect clothing.

How To Style Them?


BAJA hoodies are pretty cool when it comes to styling! They are an upgrade to your go-to hoodie that are warm, slouchy and practical. You can easily pull off striped baja hoodie with distressed jeans and a pair of vintage boots if you are a fan of boho style. Else you can settle for you favorite pair of denims and loafers for that laidback look. Printed baja hoodies make timeless clothing for urban, athletic and casual wear. Best part of baja hoodies is that it can be worn by anyone of any age. Whether you are in teens or adults or elder folks; you can express yourself in different style and colors of this Mexican pullover hoodie.

Where To Buy?

If you are looking for an online destination for men to buy BAJA hoodies, Zobello is the right place to search. You can find latest trendy and baja hoodies for men harmonizing with your style and budget. Not only this, you can find chinos, joggers pants, sneakers, espadrilles and other accessories for complete styling with baja hoodies. Moreover you get a variety of colors, patterns and fit of this stylish outwear that are comfortable and fashionable choice. With discounts and easy return policies shopping at Zobello is great fun!

Final Words

BAJA Hoodies are an awesome piece of casual clothing, which is an up gradation of normal sweatshirt for men. Consider it as a statement piece and allow it to stand out and be the focal point of any outfit. In short, whole point is to present yourself with alternatives to the usual hoodies so you can discover other items that make you look good.


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