Must-Have Travel Gear

Must Have

Most people who travel extensively know the importance of travel accessories and the unexplainable ways they make life easier when one is on the road. Whether you’re travelling to the mountains or to the woods or simply searching for a perfect gift for a frequent travelled, here are the top travel gears no one can do without.


Any seasoned travelled would agree that there are few shoes as comfortable as a pair of sneakers. Travel shoes are marked by their comfort and the ease to slip on sneakers for men are perfect for everyday wear, and particularly great if you’re going to do a lot of foot work. While choosing your pair of sneakers, you must consider the comfort and support it provides your feet, whether or not it absorbs sweat, and if it’s suitable for rough rides. Athletic-wear brands are designing lightweight and fashionable options that easily fit into your baggage.


Depending on your destination, a pair of travel boots is one of those irreplaceable travel essentials in your luggage. They provide excellent support and comfort, keep your feet warm, and are sturdy enough to withstand rough use. If you’re travelling to mountainous or forest areas, boots protect your feet from rough roads, insects and other elements.

Travel Bag

This is a no-brainer, since no travel can be made without a bag. Be it a short trip or a full-blown adventure, you need to carry at least one bag that holds your belongings. Your choice of bags can range from a backpack to a duffel bag to a trolley case. Ideally, a travel bag should be durable, have enough room to hold all your essentials, and should also be fashionable. Leather could be your best bet, but since it requires lot of care, you could also settle for something sturdier, like faux leather or PU.


A protective outerwear is of great importance when you’re travelling. There are several options to choose from when it comes to jackets: leather, suede, safari, biker, bomber, or even trench coats. You could choose a waterproof jacket or a hooded parka that would protect you from the cold and rain, and also make for a snug outerwear to keep your cosy and warm. Many jackets come with added padded to double the comfort and protection.


Must-have travel gear should always include a high-performance watch. Even if you’re used to checking the time on your phone, when you’re travelling you will not always have the opportunity to look at your phone screen for the time. A good chronometer especially made for travelling should always be on your wrist.


What’s the point in travelling if you don’t capture the memories? There are several mid to high range cameras that are lightweight and compact, offer decent performance and picture quality and can be bought online for a steal. Make sure it has enough memory to store all your photographs.

Money Belt

Misplacing your wallet can be a serious issue on your travels; therefore a money belt is your best choice. It holds all your money and cards and keeps them safe with you always.


Connectivity, convenience, and lots of helpful apps and features make a smartphone or tablet an absolute must on your travels. Make sure your device has good performance, battery life, speed, your essential apps, and is of the right size for ease of use. If your phone camera has a decent resolution, you could also use it for taking quick snaps.


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