Must-Have Formal Shirts in Every Man’s Wardrobe


Every man needs a few different types of shirts in his wardrobe. But while buying shirts, it’s common to find men getting more of the shirts they need less and few of the shirts that are more essential. In such a scenario, it might become difficult to arrange an outfit for a special occasion. The following guide is aimed at helping you pick out the essential men’s formal shirts and always have them stocked in your wardrobe.

The White Shirt


Few clothing items have stood the test of time like the white dress shirt. Known for its versatility, the white dress shirt can be worn with practically any colour imaginable and looks great with everything from your suit trousers to the latest pair of chinos. While buying a white formal shirt, make sure the colour leans towards blue and not yellow.

The Grey Shirt

grayshirtsSlightly less formal than the white shirt, the grey shirt can be used both for dressing up and dressing down and is essential for wearing underneath sports coat and blazers and even works well with a navy suit. A grey is a must among formal shirts for men for transitioning from the office to a pub.

The White Pinstripe

white pinstripeshirts.jpgThe stripes on this are very thin, of a single colour, and evenly spaced. These shirts look clean and sharp, and can be smartly accessorised with thicker stripe ties. Since the base is white, you’re able to wear it with a lot of stuff.

The Bold Checked Shirt


Checks are timeless and help you break the monotony of white and blue. While gingham men check shirts come in a range of different colours, the choice is really up to you. Though black and white is the most popular for contrast among men’s formal shirt designs, the purples, greens, and reds do equally well.

The Micro Pattern

Micro Pattern shirts

If you’re going for visual depth in your shirts, then a micro pattern must have a place in your wardrobe. These usually have two or three colours patterned together in tiny, intricate geometric shapes; such shirts look like a solid colour from a distance but are actually not. You can choose either neutrals or more colourful options depending upon your taste.

The Solid Colour Shirt

doldcolourshirtsAside from the whites, and blues, and greys, every wardrobe must have at least one plain shirt in a solid colour that you could reserve for the days when you want to take a break from the same old shirts. The choice of colour can range from light hues like pale blue, pink, or soft yellow to brighter ones like purple, red, or green. For those who can’t pull off pink, lavender works as a great alternative.

Special Mention: The Chambray Shirt

Chambray ShirtformenWhile not very formal, the chambray makes it to this list because of its versatility. With a chambray shirt, you can hit the middle ground by dressing up yet not looking too dressed up. It also makes for a cool semi-formal look when worn with chinos, tie, and blazer or a cardigan.

There are myriads of formal shirt styles that can make your wardrobe stand out. Play with collar styles, colours, and patterns to assemble a Pinterestable shirt collection.


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