All You Want to Know About Jackets


Whether you want to save yourself from the December cold or want to hit the pub in something stylish, there’s a jacket for every taste, season, and function. The staggering range of men’s jacket online can leave one feeling confused and puzzled. If you aren’t knowledgeable about the various kinds of jackets available in the market, there’s good chance you’ll have difficulty making up your mind, given that jackets can be waterproof, or windproof, or insulated. They can be padded, or collared, and come in different materials like leather, suede, nylon, wool, or fleece. And the various styles they come in can be mindboggling.

Already confused? Don’t worry. We have a comprehensive guide to picking the right jacket style for the right occasion.

Biker Jacket: Made primarily for men who ride motorcycles, a biker jacket is usually made from sturdy leather to provide protection and warmth to the wearer. Many biker jackets also have padding, and can be made of reflective material to aid riders at night. Biker jackets usually have vents to ensure breathability to the wearer.

Bomber Jacket: Also known as the flight jacket and tracing its origin back to the World War I days, a bomber jacket is marked by its fitted waist and roomy torso. Fit for colder climes, bomber jackets are usually made of leather, suede, sheepskin, or nylon.

bomer jacketsMilitary Jacket: Although not linked to any wartime design, the military jacket probably gets its name because of military uniform inspired features. With numerous pockets on either side of the chest, the military jacket is slim-fitting and has a zip or button closure.

Blazer: A very sophisticated jacket every man should own, the blazer ranks between formal and casual, and can lend an effortless sharpness to any look. A men blazer online can be either single or double breasted, and should give prominence to the chest and shoulders by slimming out the waist.

blazerformenParka: Usually more suited to colder climates, a parka is thick, hooded jacket, padded and insulated to provide warmth to the wearer. Some waterproof parkas also double up as raincoats, while beating the chill.

Raincoats: Though classified as jackets, raincoats serve the purpose only when it’s raining. They are zipped up, hooded, and are either made of waterproof material like synthetic or plastic, or have a waterproof lining. They usually extend till the knee, and some may even extend further.

Men’s jackets can be made of leather, suede, wool, fleece, flannel, or synthetic materials like nylon depending upon the function and style. They can be hooded, zip-neck, collared, or funnel-neck, also depending upon the function and the season it is mean to be worn in. they come in various colours, designs, and textures, with both inexpensive types and designer jackets equally popular.

Men bomerjacketsIn short, a jacket isn’t just a protective layering of clothing meant to keep the chill away. It serves as a fashion accessory, and when worn right, it can take your look several notches higher without having to overdress. That said, when you buy men’s jacket online, make sure to measure your size correctly, since an ill-fitting jacket is a bigger fashion disaster than having no jacket at all.


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