Must Have Chinos For Men

As the years change, certain menswear clothing pieces keep re-inventing themselves. For example, what were once popular as simple casual cotton trousers now go by the name of chinos. These are nothing but cotton tailored trousers and have become a fashion staple since the last half-a-decade or so.

Chinos pants for men copy

Men chino pants are much loved because they are sturdy and comfortable and come in various styles and colours. A fashionable alternative to denims, chinos definitely score over their indigo-dyed counterparts when it comes to versatility, with their wide variety and colours as well as a slew of designers and brands giving their own twist to the legwear.

The Hottest Chino Pants For Your Wardrobe

Casual Chinos

Chinos are for occasions formal and casual and everything in between. If you’re looking for something that would give you the style and comfort of your old pair of jeans, then there is a wide range of casual men chino pants online. They usually come in a variety of colours, and are best suited for casual occasions, like a Sunday movie or a day out with friends.

Slim-fit styles have been replaced this season with slightly wider-legged chinos rolled just above the ankle. This comfortable and stylish Stretchable Chino Pants from the house of Zobello comes in a unique shade of burnt orange and goes well with most tops and outers. Team them with a plaid shirt and crew neck jumper, or a chambray shirt and a quilted gilet- either way you’re going to turn heads effortlessly.

Work-wear Chinos

These pants are usually made of sturdy material and come in darker, more sober colours. Their fit is slightly loose and they can endure heavy duty and rigorous wear and tear.                                                                                                                       

Comfy and lightweight, these fashionable men’s pants from Zobello are perfect for your regular day in office. Whether you wear them with a semi-formal shirt or a polo, with slip-on loafers or espadrilles, they are stylish enough to make you stand out.

Formal Chinos

chinos pants for men

Also a replacement for men’s formal trousers, these chino pants have a perfect and moulded fit. This season, chinos are all about slightly tapered or rolled hems. To add some more sartorial elegance, a half-inch turn-up would look great. Make sure there are no wrinkles on the fabric.

Formal pants that come with a comfortable waistband, a perfect fit, and a clean finish, these men’s formal chino pants from Zobello are great to wear with your coats and blazers, as well as a replacement for your suit pants. Made of lightweight twill, these are comfortable and stretchable and lend you a dash of elegance.

Chinos are very versatile. When you want to channel a rugged look, khaki chinos would be your ideal companion. For occasions that call for a smarter casual style, a slim-fitting pair in a pastel shade looks great with a T-shirt or polo and a V-neck jumper.  Pairing chinos and a tailored jacket in matching fabrics can take your style to the next level while eliminating the need for a suit altogether. When you buy men chino pants online, they open up a whole world of style and colour for you to play with.


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