A Guide To Egyptian Cotton


Egyptian cotton is a thing of royalty and folklore. But this doesn’t mean it is not accessible. Although rare, Egyptian cotton is one of the most comfortable to wear and is of superior quality. This cotton has a natural look and a distinct cream/ beige colour. It is believed in the olden times this cotton was widely used to make clothes for both the wealthy and the poor. Today things have drastically changed. Egyptian cotton is a luxury fabric.

How do you know if cotton is authentically Egyptian cotton?

Any fabric or garments made out of pure Egyptian cotton will always have an official trademark that confirms it is genuine. Often Egyptian cotton is blended with other fabrics to reduce the cost and will not possess the trademark.

Why is Egyptian cotton so special?

One of the main reasons why this cotton stands apart from the rest is because it is highly durable. Even more than regular cotton. It is also thicker and more suited to making garments. The heavy nature of this fabric is not felt when it is worn. At the same this is what makes it last longer and more resilient to wear and tear.

How to care for Egyptian cotton?

Just like regular cotton, this fabric doesn’t need any extra care. It can be washed in the washing machine and ironed like regular men clothes.


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