The Varsity Boy

jackets1Some fashion trends remain evergreen despite dating back to decades past. The varsity jacket for men is one of those trends that have remained popular through the years. The varsity jacket first made its appearance in 1865 at the Harvard University, first with the baseball team and then the football team. The first evidence of a letter on a varsity jacket for a high school team was seen in a yearbook at Phoenix Union High School in Arizona.

The Evolution and Popularity of the Varsity Jacket

jackets2The varsity jacket design as we see today has changed form over the course of years. In the late 1800s when it debuted at Harvard, it was known as the Letterman jacket because of the letter H that only the captain of the sports teams of prestigious schools could wear. With the evolution of the jacket, by 1930 it had gone from a simple shirt to a wool jacket with leather sleeves, the kind that is still popular today. By 1950, the jacket had become with the girls, who wore their boyfriends’ jacket to flaunt a preppy look as well as to mark themselves as the girlfriend of one of the school team captains.

The varsity jacket style is still synonymous with sports teams in the US, as well as some Ivy League colleges. But it has changed form and design over the years and has now come to be considered one of the most timeless menswear styles. James Dean and Elvis Presley also sported the varsity jacket during their heydays, making it a classic style statement that has stood the test of time.

Current Fashion

jackets4The varsity jacket isn’t for footballers anymore. Both men and women have been sporting this style for the last few years, resulting in a trend that’s not really new but still feels fresh and evergreen. The varsity jacket style fits both summer and winter and brings a preppy, Americana flair to a look. In recent times, celebrities like Kanye West and Jay Z have been seen donning the varsity jacket, rightfully earning the tag Varsity Boy. This versatile jacket can be worn with jeans, chinos, cargos, or corduroy pants. They can be used for dressing up or down, and fits almost all kinds of weather- cold, not so cold, and everything in between. It can also be used to create many different kinds of looks- old school collegiate statement, downtown look, or all-American, among various others. Modern styles of the jacket boast of a wide colour set and abandon the traditional high school symbols.

jackets3For many people, varsity jackets evoke nostalgia. The varsity jacket is a great alternative to chunky winter coats; it is light and warm, and keeps you cosy on a moderate to cold day. The trend shows no sign of wavering, and the good news is there are plenty of styles to choose from. From single-coloured to contrast hued, from affordable to high-end, there are numerous options for everyone. The varsity mens jacket online is surely looking bright for seasons to come.


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