How to Choose Right Travel Backpack

Whether you are going for beach holiday, trekking or vacation back home, travel backpack is the most important thing that will be your ‘small house’ during travelling. Choosing the right backpack is the primary crucial task whether you are travelling for 2 days trip or long break. Choosing the right travel bag can be tricky, so to help you out we’ve compiled a few guidelines to make your backpack shopping a bit easier.

Suitcase or Backpack?

There is no doubt a suitcase is more spacious but backpacks have their own advantages. If you are travelling alone or with friends, backpack is your best partner. You need not to worry about dragging suitcase on stairs or uneven or wet roads.

Ideal Bag

We suggest you to invest in a travel bag that has both wheels and can be used as backpack. You can wheel it on smooth floor, at airports or stations and use it as backpack otherwise.


Bigger the bag the more stuff you are likely to put in it. Smaller is always better if you have a choice, so for a weekend trip a light backpack with a 35 to 50 liter capacity will be fine. For 3 to 5 day trips you may want a capacity ranging from 50 to 80 liters. Remember:  you can always buy most items while travelling often at a lower price.


Just don’t go by this price while selecting bags. Don’t buy anything which is cheap, it might rip or break during journey or after first use. Always look for quality, durability and warranty for bags. What could be better if you get good quality bag in discount or sale!

Padded Belt and Strap

Most of the weight you will be carrying around will be pushing down on your shoulders and hips, so you’ll want a padded hip belt and padded shoulder strap to make supporting the weight more comfortable.

Multiple Pockets

A good bag must have multiple compartments. This way, you can break up your belongings into smaller sections so it’s easier to access and find the stuff you need.

Frame and zippers

Internal frame packs keep everything self contained and are definitely the most popular style for travel. Make sure each compartment has two zippers so you can lock them together.

Water Resistance

Though backpack need not to be completely waterproof, but semi waterproofing can help you clothes and other items from getting wet and damp in little rain.


Be very particular about the weight of backpack. If you want an ultra light bag, be ready to compromise on other qualities. If you don’t mind managing with 2 pair of clothing and want to experience adventure in compact form, light weight bags for men are the one for you.


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