Seven Signs You Are A Well-Groomed Man

It’s a known fact that your appearance goes a long way in determining your success in life, work, and relationships. For men, this should apply even more so because they generally tend to spend less time on their appearance compared to women. And we’re not talking of just clothes. Men’s grooming tips extend from how neat your hair is to how often you shave. Unless you live in the African rainforest, successful, accomplished men need to look the part. Here are seven things that a well-groomed man does. Find out what they are:

You Shave Regularly

This is too much of a hassle for most men, but is one of the basic rules of personal hygiene. Men’s grooming is incomplete without this detail. Depending on your hair growth and skin sensitivity, you should shave every day or once every two days. Shaving regularly gives the impression that you care about your appearance and make the effort to look good.

You Smell Nice

You wouldn’t believe how many men not only skip this detail but also don’t know the difference between a deodorant and an anti-perspirant. A deodorant gets rid of body odour, while an anti-perspirant prevents sweat and keeps you dry. When you smell terrible, people stay at arm’s length from you, not to mention form a certain opinion about your personal hygiene. Using a deodorant/anti perspirant with a mild fragrance keeps you fresh and dry all day long.

You Bathe/Shower Daily

Men can be lazy when it comes to taking a bath or shower. If you are one of them, you must include this detail in your daily grooming routine. Bathe or shower twice every day- in the morning and at night, and also after any activity that causes you to perspire. Allowing sweat to dry on your skin not only smells gross but also results in skin problems in the long run.

You Brush and Floss

Oral hygiene is a critical part of your grooming. Yet, many men tend to neglect it, either because of the fear of the dentist or due to complacency. However, oral hygiene not only makes a lasting impression, it also plays a vital role in attracting a potential mate. Brush at least twice a day and floss every night religiously. Visiting a dentist for occasional teeth cleaning should also be included.

You Clip Your Nails

Long nails collect dirt, look ugly, cause stomach upsets, and can also result in hurting yourself or others. Cut your nails regularly and trim your cuticles too. Keep nails clean, and also use hand cream to keep your hands soft.

Change Your Underwear

Sounds like a no-brainer? You’ll be surprised just how many men don’t do this. Ugh! You MUST change your underwear every day and after a work-out or any perspiration-inducing activity. Period.

You Wash Your Face

Your face collects the most dirt and grime, so make sure to wash it twice daily with a mild face cleanser. This will keep your face clean and also maintain your moisture and pH levels.

Men’s grooming routine is more than just nice clothes and accessories. These personal hygiene tips should find place in your daily schedule if you want to be a well-groomed man who exudes confidence and charm.

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