Corduroy: Why It Should Be Making A Re-Entry Into Your Wardrobe

We have seen our parents wear it and we grew up in it, and it’s back! When you think of corduroy you might first be reminded of your parents or even your grandparents. Well guess what, we think corduroy is cool and it’s back. From blazers to trousers here are 5 pieces you must own.

Corduroy Shirt


This is one of the most hassle-free pieces to wear. Wear it casually or when you want to attend a semi-formal do. Pair your corduroy shirt with neutral trousers and it is best to buy ones in bold colours.

Corduroy Pants


Corduroy trousers and pants are amongst the first corduroy pieces in the market. These are timeless and if you have a pair tucked away in at the back of your closet, it’s time to take it out. If not invest in one right away.

Corduroy Blazer


Casual in a whole lot of ways, corduroy for a blazer will give your style a different twist and will keep you warm. These go well with chinos and with jeans. Wear it when you travel or when you head out to catch up with your friends.

Corduroy Jackets


This refers to all kinds of outwear. You might have no realized it but corduroy is way warmer than you thought. They are perfect for every casual occasion and you can surely count on this material in the next few weeks!   

Corduroy Accessories

You might have not thought of this but you can wear corduroy ties as well. Ideal for formal occasions or semi-formal ones as well you can choose a printed one if you like being adventurous with your style or just a plain one that will go with everything you own.


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