How to Take Care of Your Winter Wear


You washed your favorite sweater in machine and it got shrunk to your younger brother size! It happens often…We at Zobello, not only provide you ample tips to stay stylish and look good but we care for your clothing too.. Here we are with some simple and easy tip of how you can take care of your winter clothes:


Despite of the material cashmere or wool never use hot water to wash your sweaters.  Always wash it in cold water with very mild detergent (hand washing is the best!). Never spin it in washing machine or wring with your hands. Keep it flat and let it dry. Sweaters should always be folded and never be hanged. Hanging them alters their actual fit and makes them lose from shoulders.


Use a lint brush in sweeping firm motion to remove hair and other fibers. Over coats and heavy coats are expensive pieces; you can make them last for multiple seasons by getting them dry clean at the end of winters. You can wash your jackets in cold water and mild detergent. Leather jackets don’t require much care and should be get cleaned annually.


You can stuff your shoes with newspapers and tissues to reshape them. Clean your boots with shoe spray to bring back the shine. Before use, check properly if the heels are firmly on place. Soak your winter socks in vinegar and water mixture and then wash in washing machine for new brighter finish.

Scarf and more…

Generally we ignore our winter accessories like scarf, gloves and woolen caps. Accessories need washing at proper intervals as they are more prone to germs and get dirty. 

Important Tips

To remove those irritating balls on woolens, use a disposable razor or a piece of sandpaper. Rub this lightly on the fabric and make your clothing look as good as new. Always read the wash instructions mentioned on the winter wear. To get rid of the smell from stored winter wear, keep them in sun. Use a hand soap to lubricate sticky zippers. Before packing your winter clothes at the end of the season, make sure you clean them and put naphthalene balls to protect them from moths and bugs.

You have other tips on how to take care of winter wear? Do comment and share with everyone!

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