Why You Should Invest in Rugby Sweatshirts Right Now?


Rugby Sweatshirts- A style that extends beyond the sports field, it’s an intrinsic part of the easy, preppy look. We’ve rediscovered this essential and versatile bit of rugby’s sweatshirts! Check out why you should invest in rugby sweatshirts that will make sure you stand out in the fashion scrum: 

Transition Essential

Fall is that transitional time where it can still be warm, but more often than not, one finds himself in the middle of a sudden weather change and it can suck to be unprepared. A rugby shirt is a great piece to start working into your wardrobe as summer begins to change to fall. 

Statement Piece

It’s good to remember that, by nature, a rugby shirt is bold. Consider it as a statement piece even if it doesn’t approach the level of statement made by some other items. Definitely respect that and allow the garment to stand out and be the focal point of any outfit. Pairing it with items that are less busy or just subtly textured is always a good choice.

Blends Perfect with Layering


A rugby sweatshirt is perfect on its own and also serves as a great layering piece, worn over another shirt, or under a jacket or blazer. Find a V-neck or crew-neck layer that will not look bulky with rugby underneath. Be careful with the colors, however, rugby shirts, tend to be bright; find a neutral color that can play down the sporty vibe.

Fall Trend with Shawl Collars Cardigans

Check out fall trend for coming autumn in any alleged brand and you will find shawl collared cardigan in their collection. Cardigans aren’t just for gramps anymore. Layer the striped rugby sweatshirts with slim cut cardigans for colder temperatures and updated style.

Alternate to Hoodies


Rugby shirts are best alternative to hoodies for men. There is nothing wrong with a basic hoodie, but the whole point is to present you with alternatives to the usual choices so you can discover other items that make you look good.

Weekend Look

You can also pull on rugby sweatshirt online and swap the jeans for a pair of khaki for weekend lunch or shopping. A baseball cap will compliment the look and bring an air of street style!

Friday Night Hero

It is recommend by many fashion bloggers that wearing rugby t-shirt is more stylish alternative to button-down shirts (oxford shirts, dress shirts) for a night at the pub. Bright stripes stop the look from becoming too somber for night out. More stripes, more rugby prep style!!



A Rugby sweatshirt makes a versatile and timeless classic outfit. Pair rugby sweatshirts with jeans or corduroy pants, shoes or canvas and they will brag you richer sporty edge. You can also team it up with cuff joggers and prove there is always an exception to every rule!


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