Outfits To Pull Off In Last Minute


We all have faced those last minute frustrations:- woke up late, few minutes to leave for office and “nothing to wear”. But rather being insane, what you need is a little direction. The key is not to over think it: instead of channeling your inner hero, opt for basics and style them around one statement-making piece. We will provide easy to wear combinations that you can pull off in last minute:

White Shirt


You can never pull any outfit faster than combination of crisp white shirt and dark color trousers. Staple of every wardrobe; white shirt is an all time classic and you can never go wrong with it. What can be better if you have ditsy print floral shirt or white seersucker stripes! It’s a great option as its simplicity makes it a great canvas for the clean formal look.

Polo Tees


Polo t- shirts are such a redeemer when it comes to last minute clothing! Be it a classic polo tee with contrast lining or nautical striper polo tee; they are great for all situations. They are ideal for summer occasions, be it brunch, golf game and you can pair it with a blazer for a casual meeting. Whether you are 16 year old hunk or 40 year old gentleman, you are always at the right age for wearing a polo tee.

Corduroy Pants


A lightweight comfortable classic styled corduroy pants can be worn without any second thought for that distinguished look or for a casual meeting. You can team them up with solid oxford shirt, formal shoes, stretchable herringbone belt and give yourself a makeover in minutes.

Denim Jackets


No more worries for after work social gatherings! Your old denim jacket is such versatile and stylish clothing that can be worn in multiple ways. You can carry denim jacket with solid or light tee and stone wash jeans. A beige colored chino complement dark colored denim jacket and is considered as trusted staple.

Printed Shorts


Break your office wardrobe monotony by adding roll up knit shorts or printed shorts. Whether you are out for movie or weekend brunch pair them up with polo tee and espadrilles .You won’t stop complimenting yourself for getting that perfect style in just seconds!

Slim Jeans and Jacket

Friday casual clothing or shopping on weekends- pull off your bomber jacket or hooded lumber jacket and slim fit jeans with closed eyes. With this perfect downtime piece you can stay stylish and warm at the same time. Opt for high ankle boots and it’s easier than ever to rock it well.

Highlight The Accessories


Sometimes it’s the small things that make the big things look good. Carrying the right stylish accessory can be the key at times to shift the attention from your everyday-formal-outfit. Dwell on a duffle bag or bracelet or tie and you just boosted your look from drab to fab in seconds!


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