The Man’s Guide to Wearing a Scarf


Scarves are basically a rectangular piece of fabric. But despite their popularity among women, men have always shied away from scarves. Some say scarves are effeminate, while for others they are difficult to fasten. The fact is, men scarves have been around since 2000 years, and have been an important part of military uniform, from the Terracotta Warriors of China, to modern day aviators. If you’re one of those men who find the scarf either too feminine, or too difficult to choose, or too confusing to tie, here are a few tips that bust these myths.

Choosing A Scarf Is Easy

We all agree there are more women’s scarves in the market, reducing men to a tiny fragment of the scarf-wearing population. But that does not mean choosing a men’s scarf is difficult. You have to know a scarf is not for you if it is printed (floral prints, animal print, leopard print… you get the drift?), if it’s in a bold and bright hue (think shocking pink, electric blue, juicy magenta…), if it’s got sequins, beads, fringes and pom-poms, feminine embroidery, if it’s airy or see-through, or if it’s large enough to be a shawl or blanket. Given the few options, you may have to rummage through rack after rack for a men’s scarf, but it’s better than picking up a multi-coloured floral printed scarf just because it was in the menswear section.

Wearing A Scarf Isn’t Rocket Science

There are some basic rules you need to follow in order to choose the right scarf and tie it the right way. First of all, keep the scarf simple. It is important to choose comfort and function over fashion. Depending on the length and thickness, there are a number of knots you can tie the scarf into. However, remember that it’s a scarf and not a necktie. Hence, keep the knot simple and loose.

Scarves Are Very Manly

As mentioned earlier, scarves for men have existed since ages. In the military, they’ve often been used to designate ranks and units. Scarves have been most used by military aviators because they provided protection from inclement weather. Scarves aren’t girly, if you know the type of scarf to pick.

Scarves Are Functional

They may now be known more for fashion than for usefulness, but scarves also serve an important function. They protect a man’s neck- one of those body parts most vulnerable to the elements. A woollen or cashmere scarf keeps your neck warm in the biting cold of Nova Scotia, and a soft linen scarf keeps the heat at bay when you’re gaping at the Sphinx in Egypt.

Scarves Are Stylish

A scarf is one of those accessories that can instantly jazz up simple attire. No matter how bland your outfit, the right scarf can introduce flair and colour to it effortlessly. A vibrant cashmere scarf can easily brighten up a banker’s charcoal overcoat and watch cap, while a silk scarf indoors in lieu of a necktie can do wonders for your personal style.

With men’s scarf trends catching on, it may be time for you to drape a large scarf over your shoulders this winter or add flair to your outfit with a few checked, cross hatched, or striped scarves.


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