Eight Wardrobe Must-haves for Men


Fashion changes with every season. Trends come and go in the blink of an eye. But the style of a well-dressed man remains unchanged. A style-conscious man will always have the essential items in his wardrobe. You might call them the starters when it comes to clothing. Instead of cluttering your closet with unnecessary things, having a few classic pieces should see you through most occasions. From a tailored shirt to a pair of chinos, here are the top eight wardrobe essentials for men.

A Tailored Suit

Every man should have at least one well-tailored slim suit in his wardrobe. Some people need it every day for work; others might need it only when a formal occasion arises. Nevertheless, investing in a suit is always a wise decision. Men’s suits are available in various colours, but going for the safe colours of black and grey is the best, since these shades work for any occasion- work, wedding, funeral, or a formal date.

White Formal Shirt


Call it an Oxford, a button up, or a button down. A well-tailored white formal shirt is required for everything from work to black-tie events. A blue-toned white button down should be your ideal picks, and it should be fitted without being too tight. Once you have a white shirt, you can start expanding your collection by adding men’s formal shirts in other colours.

Cashmere Sweater

Cashmere sweaters aren’t just made for women anymore. Besides being affordable, they now also feature among men’s clothing essentials. Cashmere sweaters are soft, comfy and ideal to keep you warm on cold days. Also, they are perfect for almost every occasion, from a date to a Friday movie.

A Blazer


While a suit is good for formal occasions, having a blazer in dark blue or navy lets you add more variety to your wardrobe. A blazer can be worn with light coloured trousers, a casual shirt, or a graphic printed tee. It is versatile to be given stylish twists according to the demand of the occasion.



A pair of light-coloured pants is a must in every man’s wardrobe. Chinos are great for casual wear, whether it’s a Sunday brunch or a casual outdoor wedding. Chinos let you dress up without appearing too casual, while still being less formal than your suit pants.

A White T-shirt


The versatile white t-shirt can be teamed with everything, from a pair of denims to a leather jacket or underneath a casual shirt. A white t-shirt looks best when it fits your body snugly and is perfectly laundered. Men’s t-shirts are available everywhere from departmental stores to designer dens. Keep your shape, your budget, and comfort in mind when purchasing a white t-shirt.



While a button-down can be too formal and your regular t-shirt too casual, polo shirts are the perfect balance between the two. Polos look equally great with shorts, dark denims, chinos, and even semi-formal trousers. They are also perfect for layering with a cardigan or a button-down.

Formal Shoes


There’s a diverse range available when you say men’s shoes. But a pair of classic Oxfords should be permanently present in a man’s closet. Choose them in either black or brown to be able to wear them with both business formals and with your chinos. If your workplace allows a little more casual attire, then a pair of neutral loafers would look just as great.

Some of these wardrobe classics might cost you a bit, but they are also an investment and should last you forever. By having these clothing basics, you can always be prepared for any occasion while giving your trendier outfits the right building blocks.


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