Styling Up!


With Men’s Fashion continuously evolving as the time flies. It is very important to understand how to subtly start upgrading one’s style from the usual monotony. One needs to understand their body type to understand the kind of style that one can upgrade to.

It has been ages since only women were known to have been spoilt for choice. They could have experimented with colors, designs and fabrics. But, this trend is changing quickly as men now, are spoilt for choice to, with a crazy variety available on a click of a button.

This article talks about some of the style upgrades that you could consider depending on your body type so that people around you don’t think that you are overdoing it. And you can slowly evolve your sense of style.



The new rule for stylish quotient in men’s shirts talks about prints, denims and classier fabrics. Depending on the occasion one could choose the length of the sleeves and type of colors. Generally, formal occasions call for longer sleeves with stiff collars and more casual occasions can settle with shorter sleeves with loosely placed collars or no collared look. Men with a fuller Body Type should always try and go with basic shirts and experiment more with fabrics. If they choose to go with prints then they should go for smaller prints, as it would help hide that extra flab. As for Men with more petite figures, they should go with bolder prints and experiment with colors, as this would give then a more rounded look.

Teeing It

T Shirts are another important criterion to upgrade that basic style. Men with a rounded body should try to go in for more darker shades with smaller prints. The rule is the same all throughout. Smaller prints hide the extra flab and darker colors make one look thinner. Whereas men with a more thinner body type should go for bold colors and prints.



Men’s pants are seeing a lot of shift. Men with rounder figures can go for more browns and khaki’s and the other body type can just go about for anything. But, Men who are more petite should try not to go for darker solids as it makes them look thinner.

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