5 Exotic Beaches and What Specific Swimwear to Wear to Them


Just when you’re daydreaming of getting away or whether you’ve already booked your beach holiday, let me alarm you with the fact that every beach destination deserves a special swimwear. Yes, you heard it right!

So, how do you know which swimwear goes where? Well, it’s kind of like decoding a wedding or party invitation. We give you 5 exotic beach destinations and some suave swimwear inspiration, look no further than our hand-picked edit!

1. Flaunt your peppy style at Miami Beach with stripe color block design shorts


Miami has everything you need: – soft sand, beautiful warm water, interesting people, volleyball and fun spots to go for a bite or a beverage. Plus, it’s perfect to wear stripe design color block swimwear shorts for the full throwback look. They are trendy and stylish, sporting a mesh lined interior and cut side pockets. Its shorter legs and elastic waistband with draw cords make it ideal for a game of beach volleyball. The contrast stitching adds character to the shorts. It can be comfortably worn in and out of the water.

2. Embrace the nautical trend at Little Dix Bay, British Virgin Islands with bold design nylon swim shorts
shorThe crescent-shaped beach at Little Dix Bay is an epitome of barefoot elegance, with its palm-lined half-mile of white sand. Characterized by pristine, private beaches, exclusive yacht clubs, hidden coves and luxurious resorts, the island invites romance- make an impression on your girl with these bold designed swim shorts made from 100% nylon fabric. Their micromesh front lining will protect your modesty when you’re lying out in the sun. The psychedelic patterned shorts fit snugly and dry quickly, making it a great choice for sunbathing and swimming.

3. Get the classic and contemporary collide at Flic en Flac Beach, Mauritius with solid color board swim shorts

Clear warm colored blue turquoise water, and endless white beaches with coconut trees make Mauritius an ideal tropical dream beach holiday destination. Do justice to blue lagoons out there and for solid color mens shorts that look fashionable and sophisticated. Sometimes you just have to make it painfully obvious that the faux tribal patterns and Hawaiian floral prints don’t do it for you. If that statement applies to you, then red, white and blue is just the kind of audacious look you’ll need. They can be combined perfectly with tank top for that complete out of the water look.

4. Party vivaciously at Copacabana beach, Brazil with multi color racing stripes shorts

beachshortsFor promenading, Brazil’s best beach has to be Copacabana. Bake in the sun or swim and surf in the turquoise waters at Copacabana. It’s common to find groups playing soccer or having an impromptu dance party. If you want to have a good time there, then don’t forget to pack and make a statement with these tri-color side running stripes swimwear. Not only do we love the use of the vivid shades, but the textured effect gives this pair a more fashion-forward finish. Thumbs up all round!

5. Turn the heads around at Ibiza with rocking floral shorts
shor1Sun, sea, sand, sangria! Ibiza isn’t just about clubbing, but if you’re there to party, you’ll need somewhere to top up and tan ready for your next big night out. Your drunken patriotism will be apparent with your vacation destination and these cool and comfy overall floral print swim shorts. Not only do they look smarter than your average swimwear, but the rich color will bring an air of elegance to the beachside.

As more and more modern men are realizing, time and fashions are changing fast. So if you – and/or a man you know – are heading off to the beach any time soon, why not invest in a selection of exotic beach wear??  Right now, online, you can find some great deals on men’s swimwear. After all, who wants to miss out on a fashion that can be so much fun!


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