The Perfect Hem Length of a Trouser!


Fit is an important part while wearing a trouser but the correct length can be a game changer and can make you stand out in the crowd! These lengths can turn into your unique personal style. Some changes in the trouser length can turn a mundane into a dramatic and exciting look! Even the most simple and minor adjustments in the hem of the trouser can enhance your look completely!

The Tapered Hem


Earlier the men’s suit trousers were accepted within standards. The traditional tailoring styles indicated that the hem should be just long enough to brush the top of the heel of your shoe so that the drapes of the trousers are maintained. But today, these norms are breaking. The art of tailoring is evolving with the passing time. When you buy men’s casual trousers online one can get a variety of hem options. The contemporary hem styles have become more tapered, skinnier and often more shorter, defying the old rules and guidelines. Fashion is ever evolving and breaking out from the norms is a way to continue evolving in fashion!
The tapered hem of the modern trousers sits high up on the shoe making air for the person to show the playful choice of sock and the shoes. This form fitting style has become a rage and when a man buys casual trousers online one thing he keeps in mind is the tapered hem so that he stays up with the fashion that is going around in the world and also gives a complete new look!

Cropped Trouser

The cropped trouser has become a phenomenon! It’s breaking the rules of the length of the men’s casual trousers. The modern man has accepted this change and has embraced it completely. It has been applied to all the styles ranging from the tailored trousers to chinos!


These days the cropped trousers are a much smart alternative than rolling the hem of the trouser. Also the greatest thing is that, this style being an informal one goes absolutely brilliantly with formal pieces such as blazers and sports coats! Yet they are just as relevant for casual dressing. A pair of loafers, cropped trousers/chinos and a fitted tee is a superb summer look that strikes the ideal balance between dressing up and staying comfortable and cool Cropping works best on slim to skinny cuts. Wider legs suffer badly from the dreaded ankle swing and will require a lot of tapering. Classic cropped trousers should be slim from top to bottom, keeping a constant taper throughout. Some men are being much experimental and they are cropping much higher depending on the choice of footwear and it is working perfectly well, especially with boots! So don’t be afraid to crop higher!

The Trouser Roll
One of the easiest ways to manipulate the hem of your trouser that has been in style since ages is the rolling. This is one of the easiest ways to remove the need to alter your trousers. This style works well with casual looks and gives more relaxed air. If you try combining the rolled up style with unstructured suiting for summer events or dress-down Friday in the office it can do wonders! Breaking the monotony of rolling the hem brands have come up with finer details, many men’s casual trousers online have printed or contrast lining. These show up when the hem is rolled up creating a new point of interest and adds a great character to the outfit. Similarly, with selvedge jeans a roll up is almost a given as it shows off the instantly recognizable red stitching and selvedge edge, subtly signifying both your investment and knowledge of men’s style. If you are rolling up the hem one should always keep in mind the style of the footwear. If you are wearing boots or similar footwear, one should roll just close tothe neck of the footwear otherwise it draws too much attention to the skinny ankles and makes the appearance of the shoes clumpy. While when wearing slimmer footwear you can roll higher because the shape is much tighter and it maintains the flow from the trouser to shoe. So next time you buy men’s casual trousers online make sure you roll them accordingly to enhance your style!


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