A Guide to Men’s Hats

a guide to mens hatsThere’s been a recent addition to the ever-growing list of popular men’s accessories- men’s hats. In fact, hats have been leading the way now when it comes to men’s fashion accessories. So much so, that the trend is reminiscent of the time when men wouldn’t leave home without a hat.

The range of men’s hats online is so varied that it gets confusing sometimes, especially if you’re new to hats. To make things easier for you, here a comprehensive guide of the most popular ones to help you tell one hat from another.


mens fedoraThe most popular among men’s hats right now, the fedora is typically made of felt or straw, and is marked by the long crease down the middle of the crown and the pinch near the front on both sides. The best fedoras have a firm but flexible brim and are made of lightweight felt.

Wide Flat Brim Hat

Wide Flat Brim HatThis essentially brings together the best of the fedora and the country hat. It’s got a stiff, wide brim, which is a happening thing in men’s hats at the moment. The best thing about this hat is that it remains flat and uncrushed no matter how you wear it. Wide flat brim hats tend to be heavy because of its uncrushable nature

Flat Cap

Flat CapDid you know that in the earlier times you could tell social distinctions from the headwear? Take the flat cap, for instance. In the early 20th century, the flat cap was known as the workingman’s hat, and was widely worn by everyone from traders to beggars to artists. Many books and movies set in that period have also often shown the flat cap. The popularity of the flat cap rose in the early 20th century, and they are still as popular today.

Driving cap

driving cap for menHow can men’s caps online be complete without mentioning the driving cap? It’s a lot like the flat cap, sans the panels and the button on top. The specialty of the driving cap is the variety of names it is known by— cabbie cap, cloth cap, ivy cap, golf cap and bicycle cap… Phew!

Baseball cap

capsformenBaseball has been a favourite with men since ages. They vary in design and style, and have been around forever. There’s the snapback, the fitted cap, the 5 panels, the trucker hat, the ‘dad’ hat… Yes, they are all versions of the baseball cap!


fedoraQuite similar to the fedora but still different, the trilby is marked by its shorter and narrower brim which is usually snapped down in the front and up at the back. They also have a shorter crown compared to the fedora. The trilby once used to be very popular till the 1970s, but slowly dwindled away. They did have resurgence in the 90s, but they failed in popularity.

Men’s hats online have a huge, mind-boggling variety. Take your personality and taste into consideration before choosing your headwear!


Reasons Why You Should Invest In Right Kind Of Sportswear End Fragment


The trend of workout is big this season. So, it is important to select the right athletic apparel to improve your performance. In this blog post, zobello.com offers you reasons why you should invest in the right sportswear.

Reasons why you should buy select right clothing

The clothing that you wear will make a difference- remember, the clothing that you wear creates a huge impact. It helps you to perform better. Right kind of sportswear for men boosts up the confidence level. The confidence translates into improved performance.

sportswearRight kind of men sportswear protects and prevents injuries– Right kind of sportswear protects and prevents injuries, especially when the temperature is hot. A long sleeved shirt can do wonder for you. It is for the same reason you don’t need to apply sunscreen on your skin! Improper clothes may land you in trouble and can cause you a number of injuries. Even the right sports tank can discomfort you during the workout; if it is worn out. Check the signs of damage.

Right clothes offers freedom for movement-In an attempt to get the cheap deal-men often purchase wrong sports polo t-shirts just because it is available in their favorite shade or a cost that suits their budget. In reality, what may look as a great deal at first may not be the same? Paying the full money offers you the best value in the long run!

sports tank for menSelect a tank top or polo that doesn’t restrict the movement. Even during the workout, make sure that your short don’t jump up or fall down. If you are wearing a baseball cap, make sure it is not ill-fitted.

Opt for compression clothing- Compression clothing helps to improve blood circulation. The increased blood flow removes the lactic acid produced by muscles during exercise. Recovery rate is improved dramatically and muscles become less stiff.

How to style your look?

Do you know you can live in your sportswear whole day long, by styling it right? Yes, all you need to do is to make it look dapper.

How to create an athletic ensemble for summer season?

sportst-shirtsYou can create an athletic ensemble by mixing and matching apparels like embellished jackets, message inspired tees, shorts and hoodies. Make Use of PVC cleverly and contrast it with printed jerseys to create a huge impact. A pair of classic sneakers and a cap will add youthfulness to the look.

The athletic clothing industry is growing at a phenomenal rate. Several companies are catering to their requirements.

All in all, select an outfit that is incredibly soft and removes the moisture from the body. It should be perfect for sunny days!

The Art Of Refreshing Your Wardrobe

Your Wardrobe

“Fashion is what you adopt when you don’t know who you are”. Having said, you might be thinking how to adopt this fashion? As we know it’s really important to be fashionable as everyone notices what you wear. After all, you can’t wear that piece of denim everywhere. Bored with your sense of style? Want to refresh your wardrobe without much effort? Let’s work together and look what you can take along with you when visiting a men’s fashion store.

Classic Oxford Shirt

oxford classic shirts for menNothing can beat a classic oxford shirt when it comes to make your look smart and crisp. Pick one in colors like black, navy blue, white, mauve or light yellow to add a charm to your wardrobe! This timeless piece will remain your best friend for years.

Chino Pants

chinos pants for menCan’t bear that denim anymore? Here’s what we have for you, a cooler alternative for your denims, the chinos. Choose some in light tints like beige, steel grey or olive. The bare ankle look will be much comfortable than the denims gripping them.

Plain T-shirts

paln t-shirts for menNo closet is complete without a few plain t-shirts. Be it a V-neck, round neck or tanks, they are absolutely essential for your wardrobe! Grab any in solid colors, prints or stripes from a good online fashion store for men and be ready to look amazing!


blazersformenRightly said, when in doubt, throw on a blazer! You can never go wrong with a well-fitted blazer. This versatile piece can be considered in colors like charcoal, navy blue, grey or black. Look for sleek cuts and fabrics like cotton or linen.

Leather Belt

leatherbeltsA classic leather belt in colors like black, tan or dark brown can never be out of fashion. They are a must have when it comes to accessories. Make sure to match them with your shoes. Stretchable belts in various shades can also add a twist to your look. Choose some when buying men’s clothing online.

Though the list might go on and on, these are some of the essential items you can add to your closet. Go and bag some flawless pieces and add to your collection. Along with it, explore the world of accessories like aviators, watches, bracelets and cuff links. You can find them easily at any online men fashion store, like Zobello. Life is too short to wear boring clothes. So fellas, learn the art of refreshing your wardrobe!

Men Who Can Pull Of Tank Tops With Ease

Men Who Can Pull Of Tank Tops With Ease

Sun’s out, the guns out! So, goes the age old adage. While summer is officially here, the clothing choices for guys have become limited. The basic T-shirt looks stylish on any guy, but tank tops for men are a tricky territory to be explored. They are hard to pull off, unless you have body like a builder. Don’t believe us? Well, here we have listed men who can carry off this no sleeve dress properly.

For Body Builders- Tank Tops are more suited for guys who have arms as wide as their face.


For celebrities– From landing to big ticket roles to superstardom or rappers or any one whom media consider as hot can flaunt men these tank tops when the weather gets warm or when they are being watched by the prying eyes of paparazzi.

Hipsters- Hipsters looks cool when they wear tank tops.

Street wear men– if you go to the pool parties or you want an excuse to throw off the jeans and pull up the shorts and hang out with boys staring at girls that you don’t have courage to talk to. Wear them.

Of course, your dad-Your dad has earned all the rights to wear his tank top irrespective of his body size. Whether he had a hard day work and needs to relax or he is on a holiday enjoying his beer, tank top look attractive.


In a nutshell, if you are a skinnier guy and think that wearing vests doesn’t suit, then you are wrong. If worn correctly, then this controversial outfit can turn odds in your favor. Skinnier guys can opt for long vest especially in combination with fitted pair of jeans and tennis shoes.

Other thing that you need to take care is occasion

Tank top is not acceptable item of clothing for every occasion, but they are perfectly suited for beach holidays, casual social events. For other events, you can buy men t-shirts online.

From Where You Can Buy

printed tank tops

It is better to buy man tank top online because they are available in wide variety, shades and at a cost that suits your pocket. Starting from raw cut neckline to raw cut armholes to small chest pocket, everything looks cool especially when the weather warms up. Bring on the heat!

How you can team them up?

You can team them up with cargo shorts, well worn baseball cap and minimal accessories. These can be patterned with a nice pair of jeans also. Try combining these vests with denim shorts, with belt and boat shoes or casual pump to get that laid back summer look.

If tank tops are not cup of your tea, purchase men t-shirts online. They suit anyone and everyone.

Everything You Need To Know About Men’s Sportswear

main sports wear

Starting from sneakers to sweatshirts, sportswear for men has undergone a dramatic change. In this blog post, zobello.com, will provide you details about the kind of sportswear that are in trend and tips on how to buy them.

Boxy Silhouettes– Boxy Silhouettes is a new trend to invest in. You can combine it with:

Oversized sweatshirts, made from PVC, or cotton jersey

Bomber jackets

Oversized pieces of outerwear

jogger pants for men

Joggers– The joggers come in two different versions: the everyday type jogger and marathon kind of jogger. The difference might not be obvious, but it depends upon the kind of material used. You can combine this mens sportswear with a pair of long line button shirt or a loopback sweatshirt or something formal, but not with football jersey.

sports tank for menSports Tank for men-You can call them as performance tank tops. These tops come with moisture wicking properties. It is made from polyester to ensure breathability. Some notable features of tank top for men include:

It is made from 100% polyester to ensure great comfort and breathability

It comes with sleeveless option

Moisture wicking property

The tank top offers a stylish sporty look

Easy fit and customizable

polo t-shirts for men

Sports Polo for man-these shirts is extremely cool and are very useful wardrobe item. It is a smart alternative to regular shirt. Its cut, contrast and trims are perfect for a sunny afternoon.

Now, that we know the kind of men’s sports wear available in the market the next thing to consider is how to buy them with confidence:

Make comfort your utmost priority-whether you are working out in a gym or running a marathon or simply performing an exercise at home, you need a high degree of comfort to battle the challenges of the workout. What makes a particular garment unique from other is the kind of activity that you are going to perform. If you are yoga freak or planning to attend a yoga class, the tight fitted flexible pants are best. Fr running or other activities, loose clothing does the trick.

Go for sweat proof fabric-another reason why you need to sports wear and avoid wearing regular cotton clothes, is latter don’t come with moisture absorbing properties. And when sweat accumulates from your body the fabric clings, thereby reducing your performance. By investing in good sportswear, you can completely avoid this problem and workout with ease and comfort. This is because sportswear comes with breathable fabrics and allows outflow and inflow of air, which in turn allows your body to regulate the temperature.

Last tip-if you want to save some money, it is better to buy them in bulk or buy them online at discounted prices. Do consider below-mentioned points before buying sportswear. It really helps!

Guide To Men’s Shoes

Guide To Men’s Shoes

You may have got gym shoes, loafers, jute shoes and handmade mens espadrilles, but which shoes are right for casual occasion? In this blog post, we will provide you a list of shoes that won’t kill your bank account and are right for casual dressy look.

Men casual shoe for business

Espadrilles Make Office Dressing EasyGone are the days, when men used to wear formal business attire, now trendy business casual look has become popular and so do the casual shoes for men. These shoes are similar to casual dress but they are not formal looking. They have a good sole or a lace to bank upon. They are made from materials like leather , swede or jute.  The jute shoes for men are a good example of how man can look formal with casual shoes.

Casual jute shoes for men works great with jeans as well as trousers. Jute shoes online India is the way to get the best deals.

Casual sporty look

semiformalshoesIt doesn’t mean that you need to wear this pair of shoes when you hit the gym. These shoes can be combined up with any kind of attire than a man would wear to attend a t-20 cricket match.

Casual men’s shoes that pair up with denim

shoesformen These shoes can be called as sporty shoes because it works great with jeans. Sneakers, Boat shoes are the best examples.

Casual shoes for men at home

Dress Code for Music GigsThe slipper is the best casual shoe to be worn by man at home. Another prime example of a good home casual shoe is boat shoe.

Why men prefer wearing casual shoes?

Today, the most men prefer wearing casual shoes because of the comfort that these shoes offer. It is one of the primary reasons to buy quality casual shoe. When it comes to material, there are enough of options to select from. Handmade jute shoes for men are becoming popular these days. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is style and material that is compatible to your feet.

Styles that are popular

There are several styles that come under this category. One of the basic styles is classic basic black shoes, provided they are of good quality and workmanship.  Other styles include loafers, boots, runners and flip flops.

Kind of materials

It is important to wear season appropriate shoes. For fall or winter season leather shoes are appropriate, for warmer weather jute shoes is the best and for spring, suede is a good option.

What kind of color to select from?

Colors depend upon your personality and for what purpose you are wearing them. Staying with neutral shades is best. Two factors to consider before buying men’s footwear is: whether it is fashionable and will it work well with your attire.

Buyer’s Guide For Backpack

Buyer’s Guide For Backpack

Gone are the days when backpacks were meant for school boys or for the guys who liked to spend several months hiking the mountain. Now, it has become a practical item for every grown up man-from work to play. In this blog post, zobello.com has compiled the factors that you need to consider before buying the same and the kind of backpacks that are available in the market.

Factors to consider before buying backpacks for men:

Capacity of Backpack-The size of backpack that you carry depends upon the length of the trip and how much weight you wish to carry.

Features of the bag-the features of the pack are important. Check the frame type.

External Frame

Internal Frame

Frameless Backpacks


Purpose of the backpack– Think about, what’s the purpose of carrying a backpack? Will you stay there for some time or will you be moving from one place to another? How much stuff you need to bring yourself? There are different kinds of traveling backpacks available in the market. Before you buy a backpack it is important to go physically to the store and check how it feels.

Cost of a backpack-another factor to consider is cost and quality. Some backpacks cost little, while other cost much. It totally depends upon the traveler’s needs.

Weight of the backpack-Not only the stuff that you pack in your bag counts, but also consider about the weight of the backpack too. Some bags are made from canvas, while others are made from low weight fabrics. Select a backpack that is not too heavy, but is durable enough.

Types of Back pack


Messenger Back pack– Want some inspiration to visit the gym? Well, various messenger backpacks are available in the market that has embedded motivational messages written inside the bag to get you inspired before the session. These no nonsense bag is made from high quality materials along with water-repellant properties, which in turn provides rugged durability.

Hiking Backpack-as the name suggests, these backpacks are meant for traveling. These kinds of packs are meant to carry weight for hiking purpose and are often loaded with wide range of items.

Travel Backpack-these backpacks are meant for traveling to long distances, but it can carry excess amount of baggage as compared to hiking backpacks. Moreover, travel backpacks are durable, and sometimes come with a zipper opening, so that it can be opened like a suitcase.

Duffel Bags for men-Earlier the men didn’t care about the bag that he carried. In fact displaying handbag was a serious threat to masculinity. But times have changed. The 21st century man likes to have an ample space for his shirts, trousers, toiletry items and facials-and no one bat an eyelid. In present times, a wide range of duffel bags are available. Starting from practical duffel bag to weekend bag to largest size handbag to budget handbag, there is vast pool of choices.

Shorts Are Hot and Trendy


Want to give a summer spin to your wardrobe? Well, as the temperature rises, here’s how you can stand apart from the crowd. In this blog post, zobello.com, will guide you about men’s fashion.

Men shorts are hot

cargo shorts for men

Up the oomph quotient by sporting a unisex shorts and military color t-shirt. It is available in various shades like olive green, mauve and chest. The trick is to blend vintage and contemporary style with a bold vibe. Concentrate on the prints and patterns to create a rugged look. The only accessories that you need to complete the look are a pair of leather sandals and of course dollops of confidence.

Men printed shorts

printed shortsformen

Gone are the days, when people used to prefer structured men shorts. Now a days, printed shorts for men are officially in. Starting from orchids to tulips to king size lotus to peonies and roses, be ready to sport floral shorts. The look can be completed by wearing well placed accessories like a tie, bow-tie or a scarf. It is the best way to introduce you to the floral.

A tip to be remembered- always consider the occasion before donning the floral short. A gardenia short may be well suited for beach parties or a casual occasion, but it is a strict no-no for office.

denim shorts for men

Denim shorts for men-Denim, Denim, Denim- where would the world go without denim? It forms a significant part of men’s wardrobe or simply you can call it as a backbone. Despite the arrival of so many fabrics, denim is still considered as a major trend for spring/summer collection. While its popularity is undeniably increasing day by day, but its traditional guise of jeans is no longer the comfortable choice for warmer weather. Step forward and buy denim shorts. It is far more weather appropriate and is a strong substitute for chinos versions. A knee length denim shorts offers relaxed feel and is best suited for casual ensembles. You can pair up the denim shorts with loafers, smart t-shirt, desert boot. You can buy men denim shorts online too.

Military edge– You can give your look a contemporary twist by wearing such shorts. Well, well ditch that military detailing like standard buttons, surface textures, racer stripes and columns and pleats.

It is available in various fabrics like cotton, linen, muslin and silk. The shades available for men short online are oxblood, vanilla, wine, champagne, cobalt and forest green. Complete the look with a brogue shorts or two-tone patent slip ons.

In a nutshell, the above-mentioned shorts are sure to raise eyebrows, when done in a right way. It is a superb style statement or can be considered as smart casual pieces.

Revamp Your Shoe Wardrobe With These Stylish Jute Shoe Styles


Take a look at these amazing jute shoe styles and pair them up with your wardrobe attire to look dapper every time you step out.

Putting on those regular formal shoes and loafers daily before heading to office has now become a monotonous affair for you. If this is just what you are facing these days, it’s time to revamp your shoe wardrobe and try out something new and different. These days, the online market is flooded with jute shoes for men. These airy, summery and breezy shoes are best for this blazing hot weather and look trendy too. If this is not all, they are environment-friendly as well. Moreover, these casual jute shoes come in various designs like formal tie-ups, sandals, slip-ons and espadrilles. Team them up with your wardrobe essentials and step out with great élan.

espadrillsformenJute tie up shoes: These are quite similar to your formal leather shoes and look amazing too. Since these are made from pure jute material they are cool, breezy and comfortable. More so, they are eco-friendly as well. You can wear jute shoes with your formal suit or team them up with a formal shirt and trouser. 

Jute espadrilles: If tie-up shoes are too formal for your style statement, opt for casual jute espadrilles. They suit well with both formal and casual wear. Don these casual jute espadrilles shoes with either a formal pair of chinos and shirt or a polo tee and jeans.

juteespadrillsJute slip-ons: Jute slip-ons go best with Indian wear. You can find myriad variety of patterns available in this category. Wear them with kurta pyjama to complete your traditional look. However, for a semi-western look, don them with short kurta and denim jeans.

backjuteesparisllsJute sandals: Just like slip-ons, sandals too look good with traditional kurta-pyjama attire. You can also pair them up with round-neck tee and jeans. These sandals are available in various colours and therefore, are capable of complementing your colourful wardrobe.